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Of Warning Tickets And Restrooms

Another close call in a career full of close calls, but yet again I had somehow made it.Coincidence? Skill? Probably the former but you hope it was the latter, though in the end it makes no difference either way. I’d made it and I could relax, my ...



Job Fair: It’s an interesting play on words because for me because its literal meaning strikes me as ironic given the environment I find myself in when I work a side job at a local poultry plant. (That’s another nice title that sounds better than ... more

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I’m looking down at my drink slowly churning the ice as I tend to do and I notice I’m using a swizzle stick from a jar that was packed full of them that my old man had collected for the two decades he drank. They’d been on a shelf in the kitchen ... more

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A few weeks ago I was at a restaurant that had long wooden tables with tall chairs. It almost exclusively served alcohol, but wasn’t a bar of course. Co-workers new and old were there in what is an exceptionally rare occurrence for me: I was “out.” more

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The rain. ALWAYS with the rain. And not just rain, but cold. You know what goes good with “cold?” Alcohol. That’s…pretty much it. You know what doesn’t go with “cold”? RAIN. I can layer against cold, but when it’s cold and raining? That just ... more

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“Dear Sir or Ma’am,” he was writing in impossibly small block lettering. “I am so very sorry I hit your car, but I could not stay to make a report.” He paused, gauging the amount of space he had left on the back of the business card as if he ... more

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