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Staying Human Under Pressure

The thing about working a district is you never know how good you have it until it’s gone. (Okay, aside from all the terrible things that happen, but that’s another story.) I remember being nervous about “getting a bad part of town” on my first ...

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It’s been 72 hours since a local cop was fired. That’s not a big deal these days, but I was going to write this column based on the fact it had actually been almost two weeks since the last one until Monday’s news about a local chief being shown ... Read more

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If you’re reading this local weekly alternative fish wrapper then you probably also have access to other forms of information such as television, newspapers, and the emperor of all things factual, “The Facebooks”. And if you can get your law ... Read more

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Two times in 15 years. That’s how many times I’ve been pulled over in my personal car, and that was two too many if you ask me. Why? Give me a sec. Upon seeing the blue lights, off-duty cops still pucker up just like everyone else, and sometimes ... Read more

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In police work, there are two specific jobs that require the same uniform but have nearly opposite roles: Law Enforcement and Corrections. Saying this annoys the crap out of corrections officers because they will point out in most non-privately ... Read more

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“Oh yeah, he really got under that one,” I said while watching the news from a table in a local Chili’s with a few of my co-workers. Lunchtime is a real thing to cops, and we needed the break. Radios were on, but we were tuned out it’s safe to say. Read more

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There is an unspoken phenomenon in police work that is only know to cops, and even then they don’t often realize it themselves. It’s the dynamic of working security at a rally. A “rally” by nature requires a group of people who are passionate as ... Read more

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