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The Art Of Compliance

So I got pulled over the other day. It's a strange sensation for me. Not for the role reversal, but for the fact that I tend to drive in my 40's the way most people do in their 80's (not out of due caution or anything, I just detest being in a ...

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You know what stinks? A two-week-old corpse on a creek bank. You know what also stinks? A cop’s body armor. In fact I think it would offend the corpse were they to compete in such. It’s been a part of my life for so long I don’t think about it ... Read more

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And just like that, it was all quiet again. What silence am I referring to? Why the sound of the drumbeats of cops getting in trouble. The cycle has run its course and we’ve gone from firing four minority officers and suspending a fifth during ... Read more

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The thing about working a district is you never know how good you have it until it’s gone. (Okay, aside from all the terrible things that happen, but that’s another story.) I remember being nervous about “getting a bad part of town” on my first ... Read more

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It’s been 72 hours since a local cop was fired. That’s not a big deal these days, but I was going to write this column based on the fact it had actually been almost two weeks since the last one until Monday’s news about a local chief being shown ... Read more

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If you’re reading this local weekly alternative fish wrapper then you probably also have access to other forms of information such as television, newspapers, and the emperor of all things factual, “The Facebooks”. And if you can get your law ... Read more

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