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Officer Alex vs The Arachnids

Cobwebs in my face. THAT’S what I remember most about my run through a cedar tree forest in the greater Shallowford Road area in the dead of a moonless night. Now, of course, I was looking at it in broad daylight. It was not the densely-packed ...

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I was very interested to see a group of pastors protesting on the sidewalk of the Hamilton County Courts building recently demanding three people resign for “egregious acts” not committed in their presence and otherwise not yet investigated. Read more

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“Tiny Sammiches.”  That’s what you’d have us believe when you get caught for something stupid and try to explain away the dozens of tiny Ziploc baggies you have on hand? You’re going to use your one lie (since two or more is just outright rude ... Read more

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So I got pulled over the other day. It's a strange sensation for me. Not for the role reversal, but for the fact that I tend to drive in my 40's the way most people do in their 80's (not out of due caution or anything, I just detest being in a ... Read more

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You know what stinks? A two-week-old corpse on a creek bank. You know what also stinks? A cop’s body armor. In fact I think it would offend the corpse were they to compete in such. It’s been a part of my life for so long I don’t think about it ... Read more

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And just like that, it was all quiet again. What silence am I referring to? Why the sound of the drumbeats of cops getting in trouble. The cycle has run its course and we’ve gone from firing four minority officers and suspending a fifth during ... Read more

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