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Tears For Fears: San Ysidro Edition

“Oh yeah, he really got under that one,” I said while watching the news from a table in a local Chili’s with a few of my co-workers. Lunchtime is a real thing to cops, and we needed the break. Radios were on, but we were tuned out it’s safe to say.



There is an unspoken phenomenon in police work that is only know to cops, and even then they don’t often realize it themselves. It’s the dynamic of working security at a rally. A “rally” by nature requires a group of people who are passionate as ... more

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While I have always found civil unrest and natural disasters to be the hands-down most exciting of all police incidents, there is a downside to the latter: There are no breaks. (Now before you get all wound up, don’t think I want either of those ... more

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“Excuse me, you’re a police officer, right?” the conservatively dressed brunette of age 45 or so asked with amplified politeness. I was sitting alone in a Chili’s reading a newspaper…in uniform. I mentally pictured myself closing my eyes and ... more

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You can often gauge how well I know someone I’m in a conversation with based on the length of the “traffic ticket story” they’re telling me. First clue: If they’re telling me a long “traffic ticket story,” I don’t know them at all and they ... more

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The Wire. The HBO series that made Baltimore, Maryland (aka “Bodymore, Murdaland”) gangsta’ way, way before the Freddie Gray riots did. The city is a fascinating lesson in theory-vs-reality in so many areas it’s tough to pick one to narrow it down… more

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