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On The Job...And The Next Job

A few weeks ago I was at a restaurant that had long wooden tables with tall chairs. It almost exclusively served alcohol, but wasn’t a bar of course. Co-workers new and old were there in what is an exceptionally rare occurrence for me: I was “out.”



The rain. ALWAYS with the rain. And not just rain, but cold. You know what goes good with “cold?” Alcohol. That’s…pretty much it. You know what doesn’t go with “cold”? RAIN. I can layer against cold, but when it’s cold and raining? That just ... more

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“Dear Sir or Ma’am,” he was writing in impossibly small block lettering. “I am so very sorry I hit your car, but I could not stay to make a report.” He paused, gauging the amount of space he had left on the back of the business card as if he ... more

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I was in a restaurant last week enjoying a rare lunch that did not involve Tupperware or a hastily constructed hot dog, and I was smiling. I was with “people.” I was eating comfort food. And I was not in uniform so I was just another customer ... more

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“Safe Injection Sites.” I can remember the first time I heard of this phenomena…partly because it was too shocking to the conscious to conceive as real and partly because the concept of being “shocked” is clearly coming to an end in this world ... more

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Christmas Day. This is of note in two small ways that are only of any concern to myself, but I’m the one writing this column so you get the unenviable joy of listening to both of them. The first is that Christmas Day falls precisely three days ... more

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