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I Want My Friends To Wake Up

Two things make me sad. Okay, many more than two things make me sad, but I can narrow it down to just two of them for the purposes of this column: The first is the blossoming concept that somehow socialism becomes a successful tenet once the word ...

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There was a time in my life (and therefore career) that when asked who most influenced my idea of what “policing” should be as a profession, without hesitation it would have been Sir Robert Peel, better known as the father of modern policing. Read more

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Suicide. It eternally competes with “child rape” for the top spot in the darkest of themes possible for me, but if volume is a factor the former surpasses the latter by far. An uncomfortable anniversary of such is coming up and I’m struggling to ... Read more

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Natural disasters are one of the most reprehensible and downright disturbing events imaginable. Earthquakes, floods, or (as with today’s topic) hurricanes? The loss of human life, and even property, is absolutely nothing I’d wish on anyone ... Read more

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Cobwebs in my face. THAT’S what I remember most about my run through a cedar tree forest in the greater Shallowford Road area in the dead of a moonless night. Now, of course, I was looking at it in broad daylight. It was not the densely-packed ... Read more

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I was very interested to see a group of pastors protesting on the sidewalk of the Hamilton County Courts building recently demanding three people resign for “egregious acts” not committed in their presence and otherwise not yet investigated. Read more

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“Tiny Sammiches.”  That’s what you’d have us believe when you get caught for something stupid and try to explain away the dozens of tiny Ziploc baggies you have on hand? You’re going to use your one lie (since two or more is just outright rude ... Read more

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