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Leaving Your Baggage Behind

I have a young friend who recently finished hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail—seven days’ worth. He has plenty of tales from that experience; some are entertaining, some heartbreaking, some positive and life-affirming. He’s not even from ...

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It’s chocolate, flowers, tickets to the theater and romantic-getaway month, the month that has us paying at least some attention to that mischievous muse, Cupid. With St. Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, it’s perhaps a perfect time ... Read more

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The line was long. For some reason the store was overly warm and humid. It was just a few days before Christmas, and my arms were starting to ache under the weight of the full wicker basket I was holding. I’d picked up some holiday gifts for my ... Read more

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You know that overwhelmed sensation where it all feels like too much? Maybe you can’t see how you’re going to get everything done in time. How did this list get so long? It’s paralyzing to even think about. Most people know the feeling: the heart ... Read more

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If you are someone who loves spending intimate, quality holiday time with your family, sitting around the Thanksgiving table or Christmas tree with siblings, in-laws, aunts, uncles and assorted others, raise your drumstick high! Count your ... Read more

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As we all know, stress is a part of life, and while there are many types of stress, as well as healthy and unhealthy ways to cope, let’s face it: We know what it feels like, and it doesn’t feel good. For many of us, recent times have been quite ... Read more

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I once heard a wonderful lecture given by Blanche Hartman, who is affiliated with the San Francisco Zen Center. She spoke about loving the world. And about having a heart that is big enough to do so. But first, she advised, one must develop a ... Read more

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