After seeing some exciting news about a fellow Chattanoogan, I decided to take a last-minute 180 and change the topic of today’s story to discuss her good news and how it affects the Scenic City and its budding scène de la gastronomie. Read more

Between The Bridges 1 Comments

Here’s the thing about Science: It’s never afraid to admit when it doesn’t know the answer to a question. In fact, saying, “I don’t know” is the fuel that allows the engine of Science to creep our civilization forward. The simple act of humbly ... Read more

Just A Theory

It’s been 72 hours since a local cop was fired. That’s not a big deal these days, but I was going to write this column based on the fact it had actually been almost two weeks since the last one until Monday’s news about a local chief being shown ... Read more

On The Beat

Vinny Colucci is a photography veteran: he’s been peering into a viewfinder since 1979, though he started his professional work in 1995. His work primarily captures nature’s grandeur, with visually stunning images of vast landscapes and the ... Read more

News & Notes

Ashley Ewald, program manager for STEP TN (Syringe Trade and Education Program), Cempa Community Care’s harm reduction program, works with people in difficult circumstances, yet as I speak with her, she’s celebrating her job. Often, as she ... Read more

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