This year, as we celebrate Earth Day, let’s enjoy nature for what we’ve made it, not what it is. Each year, since 1970, people all over the world host events designed to celebrate the life-giving planet we call home. The celebration of Earth Day ... more

City Life

Apparently, just hours ago (as I write this) on Sunday, a large heretofore unknown asteroid (2018 GE3) raced across the southern sky, with absolutely no warning. Based on the amount of light it was reflecting, astronomers put its size at ... more

Just A Theory

Chattanooga is full of interesting people, restaurants, and at the top of the list is our incredible selection of locally-owned shops. Whether you’re searching for boutique clothing or an out-of-the-box gift for a friend, the North Shore is ... more

Business Briefs

Let’s face it—Chattanooga is drenched in restaurants. Italian eateries, burger joints, farm to table meeting places, they all dot the corners of Downtown and North Shore. With our multitude of restaurants, it can be hard to make a decision, or to ... more

Dining Out

Friends have tried to get me on the WoW train many moons ago, then there was SWTOR, Rift, and EVE Online. Instituting money drains like auction houses and excruciating time eating mechanics that make the eyes bleed with repetitiveness doesn’t ... more

Game On!

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