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Chattanooga Police Department Sergeant Wayne Jefferson doesn’t mince words. “I’m a realist and am going to tell you how I feel,” says Jefferson. “I’m not a politician and may not be able to make my point of view sound sweet, but after hearing it ... Read more

Between The Bridges

If you travel in car enthusiast circles, you’ll eventually run across someone saying “life is too short to drive boring cars.” Many of my peers live that creed but I always seemed to find a reason not to. Too impractical, too expensive, no room ... Read more

Air Bag

During this wonderfully entertaining election cycle a law enforcement related question started popping up when Michael Bloomberg decided to buy the Executive Branch of the United States of America (having grown tired of his last purchase most ... Read more

On The Beat

If you ask local composer and musician Ben Van Winkle why he makes music, he’ll tell you: “To express our humanity. And express that we are all just humans.” I would have to agree that his music does just that. Van Winkle successfully captures ... Read more

News & Notes

One of the biggest antiquing events of the year is coming this weekend to Stratton Hall as the Houston Museum hosts their 46th Annual Antiques Show & Sale. A favorite for antique collectors throughout the region, the show features dozens of ... Read more

The Bowl

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