I have always been content to be a blue dot in a sea of red. This was compatible with my contrarian nature. When George W. Bush got his wild hair to invade Iraq, 82 percent of Americans were supportive of this fiasco. I was not. I was perfectly ... more

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As you may have heard, humanity’s addiction to plastic is becoming a problem. It’s been well documented for a while now that plastics are killing animals in the oceans and on the land. More recent studies have found that micro-plastic ... more

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From the 1950s to the 1970s, America’s kitchens descended into a dark and confusing time where tradition was being cast aside and mutant food creations were being spawned in the name of culinary creativity. Hollandaise covered bananas wrapped in ... more

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We’re lucky to live in a city that not only has an incredible local music scene, but also has the clout to pull in big name acts time and time again. It seems that a great deal of well-known bands, solo acts, and duos eventually find their way ... more

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As an adult, it seems like we’re always taking care of things. Whether we’re taking care of cleaning out the garage, our fur babies, the groceries, the mortgage bill, the monthly Netflix payment, the laundry, we probably feel like more often than ... more

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