If it isn’t clear by now, Climate change is the biggest threat our species has ever faced. The recent report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, paints a grim picture of a future where our planet is too warm and the weather ... more

Just A Theory

While I have always found civil unrest and natural disasters to be the hands-down most exciting of all police incidents, there is a downside to the latter: There are no breaks. (Now before you get all wound up, don’t think I want either of those ... more

On The Beat

Early voting runs Mondays through Saturdays and ends Thursday, Nov. 1. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6. The voter registration deadline ahead of this election was Tuesday, Oct. 9. "Tennesseans broke August early voting records as they selected ... more

The Bowl

Right on the banks of the Ocoee lies a magical place. A place where people of all ages can come enjoy some fall fun. The place I’m referring to is the River Maze. Owned and operated by Joe and Dianne Fetzer, the River Maze offers so many ... more

Halloween Guide

Want to have a great time testing your Halloween costume ideas early? Do you have a four-legged family friend that wants to dress-up too? McKamey Animal Shelter hosts their fourth annual Barktober Fest this Saturday, October 20th, and everyone ... more

Halloween Guide

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