I couldn’t believe myself when I left Uncle Larry’s Restaurant for the first time. How could a place so exquisitely delicious, welcoming, and comfortable have gone without me noticing for so long? I was pondering my meal as I strolled down the ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Every Chattanooga historian owes a debt to an unfinished manuscript left behind by a man named Henry Wiltse, which the Chattanooga Library has so finely preserved. Here we will show our respect to a peculiar tale found in the historical notes ... Read more


I had to live with Monster Hunter: World for almost a year to really grasp just how crazy this game is. Let’s get a few things clear: I’m not big on Sega games post Genesis era, Japanese style games annoy me, and I avoid online games like they ... Read more

Game On!

Due to recording-breaking heat this summer, Modern Hippie is going to give back to the community by aiming to provide everyone the opportunity to *stay hydrated. With the help of Mojo Burrito, The Crash Pad, Flying Squirrel, and Coca-Cola, Modern ... Read more

The Bowl

There was a period in the 1950’s when a new wave of Italian filmmakers challenged the Hollywood studio system that dominated much of the film world, introducing edgy, avant-garde films that pushed the boundaries of what was considered “acceptable”... Read more

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