This coming November, Infinity Flux Cards, Comics and Games marks four years in business...but there is so much more to celebrate than simple longevity. This locally owned comic book shop is a superhero in the community’s eyes as they have been ... more

City Life

Well, the kids are back in school, and we’re about half way through Summer, so it must be time for another Research Roundup! The biggest science news of the summer is the launch (just days ago) of the Parker Solar Probe. Unlike previous missions ... more

Just A Theory

The Wire. The HBO series that made Baltimore, Maryland (aka “Bodymore, Murdaland”) gangsta’ way, way before the Freddie Gray riots did. The city is a fascinating lesson in theory-vs-reality in so many areas it’s tough to pick one to narrow it down… more

On The Beat

In this day and age of smartphones with incredibly high res cameras, many of us think we qualify as photographers when our greatest achievement is taking selfies and photos of our brunch. Sure, that photo of your eggs benedict is nice, but truly ... more

News & Notes

Chattanooga has a blend of what seems like a hundred different musical genres, from americana, pop and punk to bluegrass, metal and rock, we can never experience enough diversity of music. And with new live music venues popping up around town ... more

News & Notes

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