Few of us are brave enough to ever pursue a dream. Fewer still have the vision, tenacity and good luck to succeed. Bud Ellis, humble and soft-spoken at 83, is the rare example of someone who did just that. Bud’s dream was to build a carousel for ... Read more

Between The Bridges

One of the problems with space flight is you need to throw stuff out of the back of your spacecraft in order to make it go. You could throw rocks out the back, but you wouldn’t get very far, or go very fast. So, we’ve decided that, for now, the ... Read more

Just A Theory

For several years, there has been a theory circulating around the dark corners of the internet that threatens to upend everything we know about the most iconic of all American foods—the hamburger. According to this theory the hamburger didn’t ... Read more

Sushi & Biscuits 1 Comments

Have you ever felt that there just isn’t enough jazz in Chattanooga? That was the idea behind a new monthly concert series taking place at the Granfalloon. “I’m Jazzed” will feature exciting jazz cabarets once a month July through September. Read more

News & Notes

Townsend Atelier has been a staple in the Chattanooga art scene since its doors opened in 2007. They have recently relocated to the newly renovated Arts Building downtown, which features around two thousand square feet of beautifully lit studio ... Read more

News & Notes

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