Outdoor Chattanooga wants to help you fulfill your new year’s resolution to get outside and be more active in 2019 with their Cumberland Trail Hiking Series. Outdoor Chattanooga’s experienced guides will lead participants on short, section hikes ... Read more

Between The Bridges

I try my best to keep this column grounded in scientific fact. And I always try to go by the rule, “It’s never aliens.” But, two different stories have been making the rounds the last month or so, and “aliens!” seems to be a possible (if remote) ... Read more

Just A Theory

Two times in 15 years. That’s how many times I’ve been pulled over in my personal car, and that was two too many if you ask me. Why? Give me a sec. Upon seeing the blue lights, off-duty cops still pucker up just like everyone else, and sometimes ... Read more

On The Beat

This biting winter weather calls for strong drink. Porters and stouts are a good choice if they’re on tap, but if you really want to put fire in the belly, go for the strong stuff. The clear spirits, though, aren’t always quite right. And while a ... Read more


Songbirds North, in the Choo Choo Entertainment Complex, has been bringing a wide variety of performers to town since they opened in 2017. This Friday evening is no exception, as Caitlin Canty and the Oshima Brothers headline a night of original ... Read more

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