How Loud Is Our Future?

Decisions on changes will be up to the city council, and council members are weighing the options. more »

Jul 17, 2014 News, Views, Rants, Raves

Force of Will

Preparedness? Obligation? Duty? I had no idea, but all traffic had stopped flowing and it was now time to punch this time clock. more »

Jul 17, 2014 On The Beat

Parks Prescription to End Childhood Obesity

Diego created a referral system that allowed doctors to ‘prescribe’ an after-school exercise program and let parents get reimbursed by an insurance company. more »

Jul 17, 2014 Tech Talk (1 Comments)

Celebrate Green Action and Solutions

CHEE also wants to build a plan addressing climate change, and mount a city effort for environmental justice. more »

Jul 17, 2014 Shades of Green

Gelatin and Vodka—Who Knew?

While most people associate this chewable cocktail with frat parties and spring break, the creation of the perfect Jell-O shot is actually an art form with many different areas of experimentation. more »

Jul 17, 2014 Mixology

Lightning Is Striker Now

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of telling you about country phenom D. Striker from Nashville, and promised that I’d offer a heads up when he came to town. The time is upon us, kids. more »

Jul 17, 2014 News & Notes (2 Comments)

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