Chef Rebecca Barron sits at the helm of Chattanooga’s food world. The esteemed St. John’s Restaurant is undoubtedly a pillar of the culinary happenings of the Scenic City. Ooohs and ahhhs abound when you share the news of dining at the ... more

City Life

Recently, my nephew came to stay with us for a few weeks. We hadn’t seen each other in over a decade and he is at the age (17) where he’s deciding what to do with his life. A couple of his pursuits, music and the theater, were very gratifying to ... more

Just A Theory

Jackfruit doesn’t taste like pulled pork. It just doesn’t. And anyone who tries to tell you that it does is not your friend and the truth is not in ‘em. To be fair though, if you put enough barbeque sauce on it, jackfruit might remind you of a ... more

Sushi & Biscuits

Sustaining our environment’s resources is something we should all be interested in, not tomorrow or next week, but now. Whether that’s doing your part by recycling, adding solar panels to your home, or shrinking your carbon footprint, our earth ... more

Business Briefs

Now in its third year, Chattanooga Girls Rock, the week-long all-things-rock-and-roll camp for girls, is stronger than ever. The non-profit group gives girls aged nine to seventeen the opportunity to spend a week at a summer day camp where they ... more

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