This weekend, 600 leaders of the “maker” movement from around the country arrive for the Nation of Makers conference, or NOMCON. Maker Faires are like public festivals of home-made stuff, from robots to arts and crafts, while NOMCON is a ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Here’s the recent warning from the UN Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Report: Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history—and the rate of species extinctions is ... Read more

Shades of Green

So I got pulled over the other day. It's a strange sensation for me. Not for the role reversal, but for the fact that I tend to drive in my 40's the way most people do in their 80's (not out of due caution or anything, I just detest being in a ... Read more

On The Beat

The geniuses behind London Calling have a new idea, and it’s called LUAU. Remember Passageways 2.0? Remember the glittering triangles that canopy the Cherry Street entrance to Cooper’s Alley? If you follow that shining passage back to the alley ... Read more

Dining Out

Sometimes there is an expectation for Broadway musicals to take themselves too seriously, but a musical called “Urinetown” is here to prove otherwise. The Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga will be putting on this quirky show this weekend, with a ... Read more

Pulse Picks

The entire world was watching a grainy TV signal on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon, declaring, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Audiences will once again experience ... Read more

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