Some words mean very little. A passing idea with no real grit or concept. The word “refugee” is not one of those words. It is a heavy word in any connotation. The idea is uncomfortable because the very concept comes from a place of extreme ... Read more

Between The Bridges

About a month from now, we’ll celebrate the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first landing on the moon: July 20, 1969. (Fun fact, the moon’s proper name is actually “Luna”, and it’s the root word for things like “lunatic”, “lunacy”, and “lunch” ... Read more

Just A Theory

In celebration of another hilarious E3 this year I went ahead and started digging into a few titles I was ashamed to play since their release dates. Mostly because of the hyper-woke pseudo-journalism surrounding them and also because of the lack ... Read more

Game On!

Improv Chattanooga is well-known in the area for attracting some of the best improvisors in the Southeast. Its main goal is to turn Chattanooga into a huge improv destination, similar to New York or Chicago. They welcome people of all experience ... Read more

News & Notes

Have you ever wondered where songwriters got the inspiration for their songs? Puckett’s is hosting a new type of live music experience this weekend titled “Songs & Stories”, showcasing original songs and the ideas that brought those songs to ... Read more

News & Notes

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