The Pulse wants to send you and friend to the 2019 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in nearby Manchester, Tennessee. All you need to do is sign up for our weekly newsletter and you'll be automatically entered into the grand prize drawing for a pair ... Read more

This & That 4 Comments

Chattanooga is a city full of very creative people. We have musicians, dancers, actors, artists off all types, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, architects, and more. It’s a city filled to the brim with creativity and enthusiasm. We also ... Read more

The Bowl

Many people, like myself, are scared to death of dance. Perhaps the rawest expression of emotion, often mesmerizing in scope and ability and talent, dance is something that I am in awe of. It is an awareness of body, mind, collaboration, and the ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Depending on the year, a Ford Model T came with about 11 tools in the factory toolkit. That included a pair of pry bars for dismounting the tires, an oil can, bicycle-type air pump, and the jack. With these, the driver could not only perform any ... Read more

Air Bag

You know what stinks? A two-week-old corpse on a creek bank. You know what also stinks? A cop’s body armor. In fact I think it would offend the corpse were they to compete in such. It’s been a part of my life for so long I don’t think about it ... Read more

On The Beat

Walking through the door of Encore Consignment Boutique near the intersection of Tremont Street and Hixson Pike, I start smiling. Maybe it’s the Kate Spade bag dangling overhead, creamy pink in color with pops of hot apricot. Read more

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