Why I'm The Worst Cop Ever



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Already Enemies?

After 25 years I beleive I have a pretty good grasp on the difference between a "warrior" and a "peace keeper" and as you write, I have to be both.As a peace keeper how do you then deal with those that already view you as the enemy? I did not start out to make anyone my enemy, but I discovered some already were. So if I simply maintain the peace keeper role isn't that akin to your at war with me, but I am not with you? The simple truth is that if you are not prepared for those who are at war with you, you may not make it back home that day. There will always be a certain percentage of the population that, regargless of the community policing programs, community outreach, town hall meeting and kinder, gentler policing practices, will always be at war with the police. It is for this small percentage of the population that we actually exist. I truly enjoy the peace keeping part of my job, that is where we can see actual benefit for those we serve, it is very gratifying! But, I have to be prepared to be at war with those who would bring war to the innocent and those weaker than they are and to me.

J Daugherty more than 1 year ago

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