Goodbye, Craig



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Dr RIck.....wonderful tribute....I miss the circle of friends Steve brought into our lives, and am glad we are all still connected....Eddie simply hangs his head and says...."I miss my friend"....

Eddie & Rose Ann Ward more than 9 years ago

Steve-Brother Francis

Doc, you really have a gift for words that convey character and feelings. Your description of Steve is "right-on" and consistent with the person I knew for most of our years as friends. The multitude of medicines he was required to take as a result of the heart transplant would at times result in some behavioral changes. Once he and his friends could acknowledge that, that wonderful gift of grace, called "reconciliation", could take place, and the Steve that we had always known, would emerge and return to near normalcy.

My mom and I were present at his "clothing" at the Benedictine Monastery in Three Rivers, Michigan. He gave my mom, (whose name is Frances and is eighty-nine now), a medal of St. Francis, which she treasures to this day. He lived with us for about a year as he made his transition back into his work as an Occupational Therapis at the VA.

From time to time in this life, we are "gifted" by the presence of people who help shape us more and more into the image of Christ. Steve was one such "gift". "May he grow from strength to strength in the life of perfect service in God's kingdom."

Thanks again for this splendid article!

Noble Walker+, priest and long-time friend more than 9 years ago

A farewell to a friend

That was a moving tribute to someone who held a special place in this world. Craig was a pleasure to be around and this planet will be a sadder place without him. Til we meet again friend.

Robert B. Brumfield more than 9 years ago

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