October 17, 2013

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ARE YOU AFRAID OF CLOWNS? DO ZOMBIES FRIGHTEN YOU? IF the answer was yes to either of these questions, then you definitely need to head over to Sir Gooney’s Zombie Circus for this seasonal experience. Sir Gooney’s is notorious for delivering a unique haunted house experience and this year did not disappoint.

As I approached with trepidation, the night sky was crisp—and in the distance screams could be heard.

Waiting to experience this haunt never feels arduous,  as spooky Halloween-themed videos play as other groups go through, and some inhabitants in costume even come up to nibble on your ear lobe or flash sparks behind your head. The recurring role that has been consistent through the years is the featured “Boogie Man” who lays down the ground rules for the haunt and prepares you for what is ahead. Just as in years past, he does a stand-up...or should that be dead-on?...job.

Beginning the journey through the dark tunnels left me feeling uneasy as I wondered what demonic clown figure would follow me home in my nightmares. Creepy children playing the roles of undead clown zombies might take home the prize as the most frightful part there, but we had barely scratched the surface of the haunt. Corridor after corridor of surprises, jumps, frights, and audio-visual hallucinations were enough to send me spiraling into a deep psychosis—but it wasn’t complete until I saw the figure that would laugh in my nightmares for years to come. A zombie clown midget was the ruler of this land and offered a new meaning to the words “pure terror.” 

However, the adventure is still not complete until you traverse the dark maze of Zombie Circus, where ghoulish figures creep up behind, getting lost is no longer assisted with Magellan, and eerie sounds of humans being slaughtered by chainsaws permeate the background. The attention to detail is what sets this haunt apart from the rest. Given limited space parameters Sir Gooney’s does quite a spectacular job keeping the twists and turns fresh and unique.

Sir Gooney’s has historically delivered a quality haunted house experience, and this year is no different. A $20 ticket will get you a tour through hell and a round of putt-putt golf! Additionally the ticket is packed with coupons and great savings, making this haunt economically valid and fun. 

They are located on Brainerd Road and parking is never an issue. They aim to please and stay open late into the night. 

For more information, check their website at


October 17, 2013

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