February 28, 2013

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Carol Berz (Incumbent) | Age: No response

  • Website: carolberz.com
  • (Running unopposed but) I’m seeking reelection because … “I really believe in my district and how it can grow and change for the better. For the past five years we have come together and defined our goals of community, connectivity, diversity and durability and then, together, have devised a plan for public/private partnerships that will engender the economic development necessary to implement that plan.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 8 | Responsiveness: 7 | Earnestness: 9 | Pleasant/Eager to Talk: 8 | Perception: 8

—Pulse interns Gaby Dixon, Julia Sharp and Esan Swan contributed mightily to this project. The comments following their ratings are their own and do not reflect the opinion of The Pulse. The editor’s notes are his own opinions and do not reflect those of Brewer Media, but do reflect those of The Pulse.

February 28, 2013

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