December 12, 2013

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If you remember SWAT Kats, then you had too much time on your hands in the '90s. Enlist your cat into the Megakat City vigilante force with this Airplane Cat House to fight evil and protect the sofa against all invaders. 


Forget those tacky Christmas sweaters that make your dog the butt of all his doggie friend's jokes, Chilly Dog hand–knit dog sweaters are crafted by Inca artisans in South America from 100% wool and plant dyes. Keep your dog warm, fashionable and the envy of all their dog friends this winter.  

$34 and up

Nooga Paws @ 2 Northshore

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but thanks to a fish's two–day memory you can teach a fish new tricks over, and over, again with this Fish Training Kit from R2 Solutions. The hardest part is comvincing everyone you're not losing your mind.


If your pet strays from home, Tagg—The Pet Tracker will alert  you via text and email.  Then use the tracker app to find her on a map, track her location, and even get driving directions to her right from your mobile phone. 


We all know a dog that looks like he would be comfortable with a fat cigar and a glass of brown liquor. Dogs can't really hold their liquor though, so break out these Doggie Stogie Fetch Sticks and help Fido tolay off the hard stuff. 


December 12, 2013

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