They’re Bad, Whose Bad?



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They're Bad ,Whose Bad

I live in Cleveland Tn. and the Article of They're Bad caught my eye when I saw a picture of Ohio Express on it . The young nineteen year old man on the right in the picture is my brother-in-law , Dale Powers. After reading the article I know he would just laugh and say ya we did some crazy things that we regret but that is life. He would agree that those are some true bubble gum songs because the two gold singles ,Yummy , Yummy and Chewy , Chewy still hang on the wall in his music room. Your story did get me thinking though that maybe some of the terrible music I watched on the Grammy's the other night is not their fault either.
Dale was in a band called Sir Timothy and the Royals in high school and they had such a regional following that shortly after graduation two producers from K-tel flew to Mansfield Ohio and signed all five boys to the label against the advice of his father who said it was a bad contract. Upon arriving to fame and so called fortune K-tel changed the name to Ohio Express. Then had the guys do some vocal tracks to songs that were written by the label and performed by label musicians and then released on Budah records. The guys did not write any of that music. Corporate music world owned them and did what they wanted.
On the plus side he got to see a lot of places and toured with every big name in the business in the day. I've heard the stories of working with The Who when Keith Moon was alive, talking with Janis Joplin, touring with The Beach Boys and so on. Just this past Christmas he was telling me about a time they were playing in New York and some friends invited them to a party after the gig so Dale and one of his band mates

went up to the pent-house , knocked on the door and went in and Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles were listening to a reel to reel recording of a show that night that Jimi had set in with Buddy. They spent the night there and talked till the sun came up then went and bought some food and came back and ate. He said Jimi was one of the nicest people he had ever met.
So I guess in hind sight he has a history and stories to tell that most of us can only dream about because of a couple of bubble gum songs that just happened to go gold. Dale takes it all in stride and still to this day plays guitar ,sings, and performs regularly ( to his own music).
So with this knowledge maybe some of the music we hear that is so terrible is just another musician with a bad contract riding the money train until the next stop. Just ask Billy Ray Cyrus how Achey Breaky Heart is working out.

Keith Montgomery more than 9 years ago

Fo Real?

Damn, that hit the spot. Very well written, a tad bit long. Equally enjoyable, so technically there in a sense no bad music, art, films because there are other eyes & ears. All americans want is instant gratification as well I assume other countries. Tired of writing, good work Ernie!

~Asher Love

asher love more than 9 years ago

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