‘Mr. & Mrs. M’: Far From Safe



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Bad Shakespeare, Great Set

Umm, Kyle--a review *is* telling people what you thought about a production. And actually, the reviewer was much, much kinder than I would have been. I thought the set was brilliant, but the rest of it too painful to sit through. The witches were robotic, the lines didn't match the blocking or costumes, the cast broke into an overly extended dance number before the murder, the audience could see up Lady MacBeth's skirt, and "Unsex me now"--not a reference to sex. I love Shakespeare. I love when it's done creatively and with re-imagined vision, but you can't let the setting/costumes/set overshadow the play itself. Otherwise, you no longer have Shakespeare--what you have is just a new setting/costume/set. I left at intermission. I'd gotten the new vision by then, and didn't find the second half worth my time.

Josie more than 11 years ago

Re: Mr and Mrs !

No, reviewers in no way have to be "supportive" of local community theatre. Pointing out the inconsistencies of a piece is not to stifle local work but rather hold them accountable to higher standard. I saw the production and found it beyond muddled. And Ms. Hashe didn't express "opinion," but rather pointed out all the obstacles that got in the way of an interesting concept and the hard work of the actors.

T more than 11 years ago

Really Kyle Chandler?

First off, a review should be just that... a review. One's honest opinion of the production. It speaks volumes about you and Scott's production to say that you "LOATHE Shakespeare but loved this production." Now, as for reviewers being "supportive of local community theatre" I would say, that this is a very supportive review... She didn't come right out and say that the concept was ridiculous, did she? Meanwhile there are several other local theatre companies that you probably aren't aware of... They do all kinds of Shakespeare and have been doing Shakespeare for years now. CTC hasn't done a MainStage production of Shakespeare in over a decade... Know why they've done it now? Shakespeare is free.

Ryan Laskowski more than 11 years ago

Mr and Mrs !

Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, shouldn't reviews at least be supportive of local community theatre? You aren't reviewing shows, you're just telling us what you thought of it. I loathe Shakespeare, but I LOVED this production. I will be seeing it again this weekend. As I watched the show I thought, "finally, some Shakespeare I can understand!"

Kyle Chandler more than 11 years ago


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