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one more thing

also, if you don't like being called "old" stop being closed minded. we have band members in their thirties too. Try embracing another style of music and even if you don't like it, you should still RESPECT it as "musicians." I think you're just mad that you don't understand how to use software to create music, because we can do everything you can do PLUS more. So stop being cranky and grumpy when people express their interest in music that you don't understand. It's not a good look and makes you seem old. the end.

bex more than 12 years ago

Re: Everyone

Let's be honest:

Music is music. Leave it at that.

Everyone is hard working at their craft.

Although, I did not single out any band in any of my comments that "paid" their way into anything I feel like their is no need to press this subject further since I wasn't there that night.

The reason I did not go into details about Blues Night (besides the fact that I have a 750 word limit). Is simply because I have never heard your music or seen you live so I had nothing to base my words around. How would you have liked it if I named members in your band's that didn't exists in an article?

Dave C more than 12 years ago

paying peoples way in to nightfall

I want to shed light on a subject I have refrained from since the Road to Nightfall. The "paying their way into Nightfall" comment is just getting old to me. Listen guys 300 people were there. $1,500 total raised at the door between four bands. The buy out of a 300 person attended venue is ridiculous. Bring 150 people to the venue and you win hands down. I play for the WTM Blues Band and have accepted insult after insult because of that night. I am a 39 year "old" guy that uses loops, clicks and "modern technology" behind my playing often. I am also a respected musician in the long standing music community of Chattanooga. I work in clubs and venues a LOT. Ask around. I toured with an almost all electronic well known band. I am not against electronic music. I understand the sound these other younger bands make. Awesome musicians! Ivan Garcia is a beast! I am growing weak at receiving criticisms that are neither true or deserved. I will tell you repect must be given to be received. The intent of this article is clear in the authors response in the thread. A tv show was done and aired about the Road to Nightfall, untruly stating many things. Many of the other bands comments were incredibly negative with assuming facts. It is ridiculous! If anyone did due dilligence over the person you are would be embarrassed when you realized how they have effected your ability to play music in Chattanooga. I felt insulted for the three bands that were totally left out of the article. It is a clear intent to disregard that night. No biggie. This magazine nor this article will have much impact on the night; however it has opened up a public forum for me to listen to how I offended some over a comment. Now imagine, being publicly insulted time and time again by tv interviews, facebook post, and message boards over things totally untrue! I still stand behind my comment that I think a band isn't a band without a band, but hey I am entitled to that...right? I think the other folks mentioned all deserve the right to play when and where they want. If we all liked the same stuff it would be boring.

Johnny Smith more than 12 years ago

Is this for real?

Are DJ's and electronic "bands" getting booked at chattanooga's premier venue?????

David more than 12 years ago

Today's German lesson: Kwichobeechen

Ok, so Dave didn't pay as much attention to the southern rock/blues category as he maybe should have. And don't get me wrong, the reason that I aspire to keep learning as much about playing guitar as possible is mainly because of influences like Clapton, Stevie Ray, Buddy Guy, etc. I love the blues (Albert King is currently playing on my Pandora, actually) and everything southern/classic rock.

But guess what? There are OTHER types of music out there. Sure, Guitar Hero and Rockband are just crappy video games (although fun to play when drunk), but I have personally witnessed teenagers actually move on to playing "real" instruments after getting a taste of how fun playing music can be from those games. You can have your personal favorites, but jesus, open your minds a little bit!

On any given day, I could get cold chills from a soulful guitar riff, or get energized by a bumping hip hop song, or have an electronica band like MRP2 make me smile and want to dance. ALL music has a place in the world - even if you hate a particular style or genre, someone out there is moved by it. Just because it's not created with your typical 4-piece band - guitar, bass, drums, vox - doesn't mean that it doesn't take skill to create. While you might have mastered your particular instrument, I can GUARANTEE that neither of you has the mental focus to use more experimental "instruments" like turntables or computer software that other musicians draw huge crowds every day. Everyone has their specialty and preferences, but don't shit on younger generations for trying something new just because it's not what you consider "music".

I might not have been alive back in "the day", but I do know that there was another point in history when people had no respect for a new, wild, "talentless" genre of heathen music - it was called rock n' roll, and I'm pretty sure that plenty of people appreciate it these days.

a guy that likes music more than 12 years ago


DJs??? Really??? I'd rather hear a monkey beat a piano up than hear a DJ!!!

Hartley Peavey more than 12 years ago


I am the producer of Digital Butter, and I play guitar, bass, keys, drums, trumpet, and any other thing I can get my hands on. And I sample old soul music because some of those sounds can only be had by sampling. People picking up guitars and singing at me is generally very boring unless you are really super talented, Ani DiFranco would be a great example of someone who humbles me with her songs. But sampling and electronic production is very difficult to get right, its taken me ten years of practice to get to where I am and I have a long way to go. If electronic music is not your taste, thats fine, but don't act like I don't make music with my hands, because I do, just like you. And so do people with turntables. You might think DJ'ing is easy, but try it, its not, it represents just as big a time and money commitment as becoming a really good blues guitarist. There is a reason we are called electronic "musicians." Like it or not, we are much more than button pushers.

Adam more than 12 years ago

A response....

Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

1st Thing: Freebird is the greatest song in history. Everyone knows that.

2nd Thing: I never claimed to be an expert at Southern Rock and Blues. In fact, I really wanted to get into detail about this night but I feel that if I go into detail on bands or people I have never been exposed to or seen live then it would be way more disrespectful to the musicians to make assumptions or make things up about their style and performance. I've seen or listened to everyone I talked about and I can assure you they are the real deal. Digital Butter made it to the semifinals of The Road to Nightfall competition last summer without paying people's way into the contest and that says something about their hardwork. I like some southern rock and I am a big fan of the local band, The Cadillac Saints. But...I am no expert on the subject. I know that every band puts their work in and I know it'll be a good night regardless but that's just how I felt when I wrote the piece. No disrespect.

3rd Things: You run basic assumptions by labeling Digital Butter & Flux & K7's music as "Techno." I'm sorry to say but like I mentioned they go beyond sampling and run with live instruments. Adam samples and plays bass at the same time (quite the task), Bexy sings and busts her tail off, Hunter wails on guitar. These people have been working so hard that yes...they are talented. Please stop and actually evaluate the music before making assumption. K7 & Flux may use turntables but honestly mixing in and using turntables is a lot harder than pressing buttons on laptops. Different strokes for different folks though. :)

4th Thing: I did acknowledge bands that use instruments and those were the ones on Indie night. Electronic is not my main focus. Mainly because these were bands and musicians I've seen live or heard online. Land Camera and Hearts In Lights are both amazing bands.

Yes, electronic music is going beyond turntables right now and are combining elements from live instrumentation and it is the most exciting development in music right now because of technology. If you want to chose to ignore musicians wanting to incorporate a marriage of instruments and technology to push music forward then that is fine. I understand that some people want to keep it organic. However, there has been some amazing live stuff coming out this year that hasn't been just people pushing buttons.

Dave Castañeda more than 12 years ago

be nice

Wow. That's incredibly rude you guys. We do make music with our hands. My producer plays live bass while sampling soul music. Just because someone uses electronic instruments to make music doesn't mean they don't also play bass and drums and other instruments. We're musicians with multiple facets. Please if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Dave great article. You are awesome.

bex more than 12 years ago


It is obvious you aren't a fan of the good ole Southern Rock night, but it will be a night of great non processed music. You know the kind of stuff that comes from your hands. Three great local bands that work their ass off to make some good ole country and blues. By talented people as well. Come and see.

Johnny Smith more than 12 years ago


Im sorry but playing a turntable is not being a musician. If its not an instrument its not performance. Sampling is the biggest letdown that ever came to music. Its as bad as the Wii band or plastic insturments wantabes that play at home on their tv sets. By a real instrument take lessons by a video and ill be playing "Freebird" on my real guitar until you get your chops up.

randy newport more than 12 years ago


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