Chattanooga ‘Steals’ New Library Director Corinne Hill from Dallas In Sweet Coup



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Excitment for possibilities

I'm so glad she's here! The Chattanooga Public Library needs to leap courageously "into the digital age," and I'm excited Hill is taking on the challenge.

Joseph Moore more than 10 years ago

Problems Aren't the Library's Fault

The problems faced by the Chattanooga Library are not the fault of its former director David Clapp, its interim director Eva Johnston or its staff. The problems are rooted in the fact that the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County have refused for decades to properly fund the library. You get what you pay for and the Chattanooga Library has been starved for funding for many years. Maybe this new director will do well. But if she's not given the funding, I wouldn't count on it.

Lars Olaffson more than 10 years ago

Fact check

Well, to be more accurate, Dallas library's staff has been cut in half, hours have been cut by 1/3, and materials budget slashed to the bone. None of that was Hill's fault, but let's don't pretend she has a majic wand, either. No library can continue to offer uninterrupted services without an uninterrupted funding source.

Mary Jane Coppers more than 11 years ago


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