Matthew Palmgren: A Rush To Judgment?



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Matt Palmgren

I am a former co-worker of Matt's in Birmingham. I can only say great things about him. He was a very nice and detailed guy that helped discuss my medications with me when i was going through my transplants in 2001. A murderer, I could not envision it.
However, I do send all my condolences for his losses and to his wife's family also. Sometimes we feel that blaming someone gives us power of closure and we lose all logic. Terrible loss for everyone!

Dea Walls more than 10 years ago

If Matt Sues his employer...

If Matt Plamgren sues Blue Cross or anyone else and I happen to be on that civil jury he is going home with a boatload of money. To the Nowacki family; I am sorry for your loss but I would like to do the church lady superior dance in your face for blaming Matt on no evidence.

Ike Conn more than 11 years ago

Everything Matt would have done would have been construed as suspious or wrong. The gossipmongers that you are would always find a negative slant because that's what you want to see. You have no idea what really happened between Matt and the authorities but je did his best to protect his children whether you care to see it that way or not.

Nancy George more than 11 years ago


"What they need now is time to grieve. Hopefully all of us in the media and in the community can finally give them some peace and quiet to do so. It’s truly the only decent thing we can do."

have you ever heard of taking your own advice? And while you're at it, don't "rush to judgment" on YOUR opinion, either.

Disinterested INYOUROPINION more than 11 years ago

Matt Palmgren

The victims are Gail and her children. If Matt is a victim then he is a victim of his own stupidity. He did not cooperate with the Police. He brought the finger pointing upon himself. I still cannot understand why he did not talk to the Police, or allow their children to do so. He also did not search for her or attend any Vigils. But he did portray her as mentally unstable and filed in Court against her. And don't rush to Judegment. The autopsy is not concluded and no cause of death released, same as the invetigation on the Jeep and the crash are still ongoing. Are you not prejudging the results by HCSO? You should practice what you preach.

Clive Bonnick more than 11 years ago


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