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Support through De-Stigmatization

I fully support the effort to bridge the gap between users and support systems. I have seen and heard of this initiative before in other areas through the US, and recognize the safety and true support that it gives users. We cannot connect with people by shunning them, by disregarding them or their situations. This program enables people to come out of the shadows and be in a safe place, bringing light to their situations and bringing them closer to the support they need. This opens a perspective for both users in need and those willing to help suppport a path of growth and expansion towards a healthy life. Cheers to this! May all those who need support find it abundant in their close communities.

Coyote Om more than 5 years ago


SISs are a bad idea. They perpetuate the misery of the addict by giving up on them and expect that there is no help for them except to die an eventual early death. The 100% "positive" studies for SISs are unscientific at best, self-serving at worse. They increase public overdoses, public deaths, public use, needle litter, homelessness, crime.

My arguments against SISs are in the comment section here. I also include more positive scenarios for user/addicts by experts in the field:


Don Honda more than 5 years ago


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