Will Their Final Resting Place Be Protected?



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I was contacted by the church and Reubin Taylor so I am the one who pulled all the deeds and searched for hours multiple days for more info and there are 2 African American cemeteries the church has. One I suspect is the African/American Civil war cemetery it's legally called the Negro Cemetery. Both have a interesting history worth preserving as its local families relatives and they served our country. Mr Frazier and his wife donated enough land for the community to have their own school, church and cemetery in the beginning... this article is done very nice often I've seen cemeteries just ignored so I'm glad this made the paper. Continue the good work.😊


Janice Bates more than 8 years ago

Research Project


My name is Natalie Church. I am beginning a large research and
hopefully restoration project for the cemetery through the UTC honors
and arts departments as I am a Sculpture major and Brock Scholar at
UTC. I was hoping you might still have some of the information or that
would be willing to talk via email or possibly phone call sometime

Feel free to contact me at QKS838@mocs.utc.edu

I hope you are staying safe during these uncertain times.
Thank you so much,
Natalie Church

Natalie Jo Church more than 4 years ago

Sorry for the delay

My house got hit in recent tornadoes so I've been without central heat and air for over a month. Power surge also knocked out my dishwasher. LOL.

It's all good. Tough times don't last, tough people do.

This is an article I wrote for the Pulse about five years ago about the Beck Knob Cemetery. Beck used to have a farmer on the hill where CCA is now. The graveyard is mainly slave remains who worked on the farm. Alma Webb, who you should definitely contact, said she found records of the remains of a confederate soldier here as well. She does the heavy research. I ran into her, where else? The library. When does it reopen? Good luck with your research. If you have any questions, let me know. I can talk or email. 423-710-6796. kevinhale2@gmail.com

Kevin Hale more than 3 years ago


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