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Making a Hashe of fear

Psychoanalyzing without asking whether your targets, however wrong in some ways, have any legitimate concerns? Does this show (the wrong kind of) fear in Dr Beirich and the Pulse? Just askin'--think about it.

Perfect love throws out fear, says the Bible, and the man who let himself be crucified to express God's love for sinners has earned the right to claim he has achieved victory over fear. (Let himself be crucified? Staying alive as long as he could was not Jesus Christ's top priority, as even theological liberals would admit.)

Among His followers, Wycliffe Bible Translators is driven not by fear of people who speak other languages, but by love for them.

Most of the Tea Party would probably have voted for Herman Cain had he been nominated, and I didn't see the party of Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy rushing to Mr Cain's defense when he was charged with adultery, nor saying "We're for gay marriage, what's the problem with what Mr Cain is alleged to have done?" I suspect the left is scared stiff lest a black Ronald Reagan emerge. Are the enemies of Ben Carson, Allen West, and Clarence Thomas racist? Does the SPLC defend those men?

The problem with our current President is not his skin color--I've voted for darker--but the fact that under him, the rich have gotten richer and the poor actually poorer. (Under Bush, the poor got richer but the rich got richer faster, increasing the gap but not hurting the poor.) The fact that Romneycare in Massachusetts has increased the wait time for seeing doctors, and is fixing to increase taxes, and that Obamacare copied Romney. The fact that $5 will only buy 20 washcloths at Family Dollar these days, instead of 30: inflation at 10% a year. (See also gasoline prices, and he's been blocking the Keystone pipeline.) (Those are anecdotes, but a statistic is a collection of anecdotes, and I've seen serious economists argue the official inflation statistics are too low.) He's been a lousy President, as Jimmy Carter was. I don't think it's worth calling him "socialist," but he does want to redistribute power from the people to himself. I don't think he's a Muslim, but his sympathy for Muslims has backfired, replacing a tamed regime in Libya with one that let our ambassador be murdered.

They have sandpapered the Homeric laughter off Aphrodite's face, complained a "common chastitute" known as C. S. Lewis. So these "gays" are causing legal trouble for someone who didn't want to do a job photographing one of their "wedddings" (3rd d for the devil; two can play at word games), and someone who didn't want to make a wedding cake for one. Is there freedom for "chastitutes"? In business, I've worked for a lesbian and been sent out front to serve a "gay" couple while a couple urban rednecks laughed in back. Don't worry, wrote Saint Paul, about how nonChristians fornicate; keep the Church clean, and grow the Church as you can.

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