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Chattanooga bombing

My wife Kaily and I arrived to Chattanooga about 2 weeks after the bombing. I was a young Rabbi at the time and my new position was to be the Jewish Day School Rabbi which was held at the JCC. As it turned out with no official rabbi for the Synagogue, I was the unofficial Rabbi of the Synagogue performing all the necessary duties required. The experience and the people we met in Chattanooga was amazing. Tobtjis date we are still in contact with many of the people we met there. In fact my oldest daughter Yaffa was born in Chattanooga. After Chattanooga we moved to Teaneck NJ for 4 years and then we made Aliyah to Israel. Our best wishes all our friends and former students in Chattanooga.
Rabbi Alan Haber

Alan Haber more than 6 years ago

About a bombing...

My husband of almost forty years were newly weds when he decided to take a job teaching in a Jewish day school in Chattanooga. We had two requirements for a community. An orthodox Shul and a Mikva. We took the job through Torah Umessorah in Chattanooga and then went on our honeymoon to Israel. We read about the bombing while in Israel. The Shul was gone. The rabbi was gone. The Mikva was gone. We went anyway. We lived there for one year before moving on. We found a small, brace community of people who were determined to move on. Today we live in Israel - and still keep in touch with some if our Chattanooga friends. Kaily

Kaily Haber more than 6 years ago


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