In Search of the Legendary Sauceburger



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Sauce Burger

One one have the recipe? Really miss them,use to get one at Burger King in Florida

Felix more than 2 years ago

Jack spivey sauce burger

Best fries and love sauce burger we were neighbors and myra and I were close

John Curtis more than 2 years ago

Burger Boy

My family used to go the Burger King every Friday. We loved that place. Everybody there was so friendly. The man that cooked barely spoke. He would look up sometimes. I still thought he was friendly. They called my brother the Burger Boy. He ate sauce burgers. We always had the grilled cheese. I sure miss that place.

Karen Davies more than 3 years ago

Burger King

There is nothing as good as those hot saucy steaming sauceburgers, but don’t forget the excellent French fries, the best ever. Ride your bike or walk to the Burger King, sit on the low brick wall by the Shell station to enjoy your treats, and life was perfect!

Robert more than 5 years ago

Burger House

I know what you mean about how memories of the Burger House are about being young and full of wonder. This was where my Grandaddy and I often ate lunches and suppers on hot summer afternoons. The burger is all tied up in those memories of childhood and summertime. Riding a bicycle around their neighborhood, tossing a softball or baseball back and forth with Grandaddy, and trying to keep the sauce off my clothes. You can never recapture your first taste of love, but I would still like to have another Sauceburger, and eat it in memory of my Grandaddy.

William K. more than 10 years ago

Sauce Burgers

My son in Nashville just sent this to me. I will be at Sky Zoo tomorrow!
I, like so many others, have fond memories of Sauce Burgers.

Karen Chelton more than 11 years ago

Sauce Burger

Would love a sauce burger right now but afraid I can't go to the Sky Zoo to get one. There are lots of closed resturants in East Ridge to open up a Burger House. What about the old Kentucky Fried Chicken place?

Katy Howe more than 11 years ago


Just a FYI but in the tri-cities area there is a restaurant called Pal's that still makes a mean sauceburger. Kinda far away but if you are ever in the area, it's well worth it.

Jerry Perry more than 11 years ago

sauce burgers

There was nothing better than to walk over to the Burger House from the pool and have lunch. We did it all summer long. Loved those burgers.

karen massengale more than 11 years ago


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