Local ‘Nighthawks’ Revel in Roy’s Grill



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Roy's is here to stay this time.

Roy's Grill has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes under the leadership of John T Arnold. His commitment to making it work shows everyday in the staff and the great food you can find at Roy's. If you want a slice of meatloaf that will make you sigh.. go to Roy's... add a side of fresh mashed potatoes and gravy... absolute heaven.
I have been a frequent visitor at Roy's along with many of my classmates from Rossville High School. We have a monthly get together there and it grows every month.
I even had John cater my recent wedding to DJ Gene Lovin... and all I heard were rave comments on his homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese croissants.
I can't say enough good things about John Arnold, his staff, the food.. but most of all about having our (Rossville's) Roy's Grill back. Way to go John... see you really soon.

Brenda Kay Willbanks Trammel more than 11 years ago

You got it right!!!

I so agree with everything you have stated here...and then some. I have been supporting John T. and his endeavor from day one...first as a patron...and now as both a patron and a friend. I love bringing new people in for their first "Roy's Grill" experience! They always come back for seconds!! Little things really matter...such as 'real' mashed potatoes, homemade potato chips, fresh batter chicken that will melt in your mouth and fresh prepared honey mustard sauce and salad dressings! And don't forget to try John's awesome Brunswick Stew!!! You gotta try it to believe it!

Vonnie Bacchus Chapman more than 11 years ago

Roy"s diner

Wow! John T. didn't know you were the new owner. I will be stopping in for a burger and fries soon. I worked with John T for years at Mervs and i'm here to tell you the man can cook!

Shields Cortner more than 11 years ago


Wow! John T, didn't know you were the new owner. Glad for you and wish you the best, i will be stopping in for a burger and fries soon.

shields more than 11 years ago


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