The Ambiguity of Authenticity



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Upon reading your screed regarding people using the word "authentic" in their comments about Sawasdee I had to go back to check my Urbanspoon post about this restaurant. Much to my relief, although I did not care for my dinner there, I did not call it inauthentic.

To quickly recap why I did not enjoy my experience:

1) Their being out of ingredients to prepare at least four dishes.
2) The owner questioning my choice of dish, I really don't get this.
3) The surly and uncaring delivery of our food.
4) The grossly oversalted "curry" which ruined my taste buds for the evening.

Truely, I have no idea whether the food was "authentic", I am not in a position to make that call. I just had a bad experience and wrote about it. If I return I will be sure to try your beloved Massaman curry, if allowed to by the owner.

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