Give Me That Old Time Religion. Or Not.

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But WHICH faith(s)?

And what about our atheist friends? I know the Ayn Rand atheists are a faith group, for their theories have not been tried; and the Karl Marx atheists are also a faith group, for theirs have been. And both have been know to meet in groups, at least in New York. Locally, there's a Libertarian Party (some of us are Christians) and a Democratic Party (some of them are blue dogs, e.g. Brent Benedict).
But which faith (or range of faiths) is true? If Nazis can't join the lineup, then some are false. If some are false, what you and I believe right now might be false: be broadminded enough to check it out. If it's true, we'll be surer; if false, better to find out now than on Judgment Day, and change.
(I was born evangelical Christian and, upon consideration, still am: Christ died for my sins can't be topped for love, and that He rose from the dead can't be topped for power, and shows He's in touch with God in a way Marx, Mohammed, Buddha, and Gandhi, whatever their virtues, aren't. I've read The Book of Mormon--2nd rate fantasy; part of the Koran--it misses Jesus; some of Rand and Marx--she was partly right, he mostly wrong...Wherever you are, check it out [and thanks to the Pulse for the interesting factoid that Chattanooga's religious scene has long been more diverse than Knoxville's.)

Andrew Lohr more than 11 years ago

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