Mayor Kelly Appoints Esai Navarro As Director Of The Office Of New Americans



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Dismissal of Esia Navarro September 2023

As active Missionary Ridge home owner, I was surprised with the dismissal of Esia Navarro. Per Mayor Kelly's statements when she was appointment,"Miss Esia Navarro is the best qualified person for the position. Mayor Kelly recognized her strengths and capability to handle the position and the best qualified person to represent the community groups and bridge the gaps of marginalized communities across the city.
Mayor Kelly, please review her termination and the City's needs and assigned Ms Navarro once again to a permanent position to utilize knowledge and skills and her accomplishments to help Chattanooga TN be an example and leader for other communities and cities. She has proven she will be an asset in helping Chattanooga
Successfully reach its endeavors.
Respectfully submitted by a concern voting resident.
Paulette Lewis
Maxx Tax Services

Paulette Lewis 365 days ago


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