Elton John at McKenzie Arena 03.23.13

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UTC McKenzie Arena

720 East 4th Street, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

(423) 266-6627

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Elton John

One of my all time favorite musicians...just wish I could have been there.

Lyn Martin more than 9 years ago

Elton John

Great Show Elton! Thank you for the music! I was there with my Daughter! Priceless!

Charles E. McClure more than 9 years ago

Elton John

Was at the concert last night and had a lot of goosebumps. Elton put on a rockin' show from start to finish. Amazing for someone in their late 60's! Really great show!

Craig Curtis more than 9 years ago

Great Pulse review

Great write up. Just wish I could have been their with you.
Elton a master of the music world, always pulls and plays to full crowds. Not bad for a near pensioner!!
Fab looking venue.

Tracey Chorlton more than 9 years ago

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