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Philosophical Concepts And Filmmaking Blend Together

When Zuriel Hampton-Coffin learned he would have to make a horror film for his Popular Culture and Religion and Philosophy course, he wasn’t horrified. “I was very excited and became more interested ...

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As far as I know, I’ve gotten exactly one piece of snail mail at The Pulse in the ten years I’ve been writing for the paper. After my review of the Coen Brothers film Hail, Caesar!, I had a man from Rossville write me about how the Earth is flat ... Read more

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As much as the horror genre loves to examine the origins of fairytales, the best of it examines something far deeper. It looks inward, to the sources of fear and the experiences that inspire it. Art itself is at its best when it examines the ... Read more

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As I mentioned in last week’s Gretel and Hansel review, folk tales are a common source of material for horror films. They endure because audiences seek the familiar. All stories have been told but we like to hear them again just the same. This ... Read more

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Folk tales have always been popular fodder for movie making. It’s the familiarity. We know the stories, we know the characters, we know the themes. Audiences love stories they recognize—it’s why sequels and franchises are so popular. When it ... Read more

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The influence of Quentin Tarantino on movies about criminals cannot be overstated. Americans have always had a fascination with crime. Our rugged individualism lends itself to a certain appreciation for those that live their lives outside the ... Read more

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Marriage Story is something of an anomaly. It is, at times, infuriatingly slow and unrelatable, and at others, engrossing and heart wrenching and hysterical. The film isn’t about a marriage, so much as the end of one. It’s a common story, one ... Read more

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