When Chattanooga Rocked



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The Metro

Anyone remember a little place called the Metro in downtown Chatt? I think it was on market Street. I played in the band there in the 90s and I remember Third Day played there right as they were making it big.

Chris more than 2 years ago

when Chattanooga rocked

Excellent article !!!! Very well Done

Greg Goodman more than 10 years ago

Article Points

Intrigued Reader: Thanks for reading, commenting and the compliment. With regard to your question, I was unaware that Jumper's daughter worked at Track 29, nor did he mention that fact. If he had, I would have noted it, but would have also found it irrelevant. By "political or business interests," I meant merely that Jumper was uninvolved in, nor is he interested in booking any venue in Chattanooga. He also professed a lack of in-depth knowledge about the controversies swirling about the Auditorium. I sought him out because of his long history and expertise in the live music business and his role with Sound Seventy Productions in the 1970s and his concert businesses here in the 1980s. While he is well-connected, it's clear that Track 29 is the only venue in the city booking (via AC Entertainment) new and popular regional and national acts of any scale on a regular basis, thus the only venue to compare to the city's civic venues.

Bill Ramsey more than 10 years ago


The Byrds played the auditorium in 68-69 great show.

vic more than 10 years ago

Article Points

This article was really super insightful to a past that has been long forgotten. Just some feedback on some points that I saw in this article. You wrote this in the article:

"His answer? While he has no political or business interests in Chattanooga or it’s venues, Jumper’s formidable experience and instincts all point to one key message and the missing element: management."

Now, I know political or business interests can mean different things to different people. But doesn't Mr. Jumper's daughter work hospitality at Track 29? Doesn't this by default make him want to talk about specific venues doing well? Isn't talking about one venue over another technically political?


I am not disagreeing with Mr. Jumper and this is by no means anyway to knock anyone down. Track29 has done an amazing job to fill in a much needed void. Just wanted to point this out as feedback. As I said, political or business can mean different things to different people.

Great job overall on the article. Lovin' it!

Intrigued Reader more than 10 years ago

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