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Aerials Get Grounded

Tucked away in an industrial corner just minutes away from the Southside and around the bend from Rossville Boulevard, Chattanooga Aerials found its new home in the Inversions Circus Arts and Performance Center and is celebrating its one-year ...



This weekend, Covenant College’s theatre department is putting on a reimagined rendition of the story of Peter Pan. “Peter/Wendy”, written by Jeremy Bloom, moves through the classic story in a nonlinear fashion, emphasizing its complex themes. more

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It’s almost too obvious a wordplay: the St. Elmo art gallery picks up on the chime with a series of events that “are LIT.” But in the case of LIT on Tennessee Avenue, the connection is merited. The gallery, focusing on tactile, installation, and ... more

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Have you ever wondered where that spiraling, steel fence in front of the Hunter Museum of American Art came from? Well, it just so happens to be the masterful craftsmanship of sculptor Albert Paley. A metalsmith from New York, famous for crafting ... more

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Listening to the six-member vocal ensemble Heinavanker, you are struck first by how gorgeously the voices blend—“angelic” is not an overstatement. Second, you are awed that only six voices can create so much musical power. more


Over the past few years, Chattanooga’s streets have transformed as beautiful, powerful murals have been painted onto many buildings. From simple patterns of colorful shapes to complex depictions of people and places, each of these works of public ... more

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