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Aiming For The Fences

Life can be full of unexpected heartbreak, trials, and tribulations, but it’s often in these moments that we find happiness in the simple things. It’s the hard times that show us how important the good times are, and that encourage us to keep the ...

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Edgar Allan Poe’s life and death were undoubtedly as melancholy as the works he wrote throughout his brief forty-year existence. These works and the characters contained within them help explain why Poe’s mind was as depressive as it was, but ... Read more

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While the city core has been expanding its cultural offerings, Chattanooga east of the Brainerd Road tunnel is getting a little less love. However, private business owners are stepping into a space that can often seem like drive-through territory ... Read more


For years now, one of the most unique art galleries on the Southside has been the H*Art Gallery. Their extended mission is to supply art materials and mentoring classes to artists impacted by homelessness, mental and physical disabilities, and ... Read more

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A milestone for Chattanooga’s film photography community is approaching on Friday, February 22 with the grand opening of Safelight District. The community darkroom and gallery will be open for use by the public, will host a variety of workshops ... Read more


Remember the noir film D.O.A.? No longer abbreviated, “Dead on Arrival”—based on the 1949 classic film—is being updated with a Cold War themed stage production by Back Alley Productions at The Mars Theater in Lafayette, kicking off this weekend. Read more

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