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Public Performance Art

As I bump my way along the gravel road high above the Sequatchie Valley, it occurs to me I’m coming to the oddest place in the world to discuss painting in public—painter Amy Brewer-Davenport’s closest neighbors are crows, lespedeza, and scrub pines.

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One doesn’t have to look far in Chattanooga to find quality realist oil paintings, as is evidenced by some prolific work at In-Town Gallery. Gay Arthur’s latest series examines change and the effects of time with still life and landscape ... Read more


J.W. Butts bills himself as a southern artist, and if by some reason you’ve conflated Southern with realism, think again. Butts, a painter with a bold, colorful style, shines the light fantastic on everything he touches. Now, J.W. Butts is coming ... Read more


Are you a Jane Austen fan? Are you someone who always wanted to say you were a Jane Austen fan but never wanted to read her books? I’ve got great news for you—“Pride and Prejudice” is coming to the Mars Theatre this weekend and is promised to ... Read more

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A magnificent collection of fine wood furnishings is currently on display on Chattanooga’s North Shore, at the In-Town Gallery. Roger Harvey combines a lifetime of woodworking experience with local lumber, innovative processes, and lots of patience. Read more


Today the Hart Gallery is a well-established and respected art studio in Southside, but it started as a much simpler idea. Ellen Heavilon came across a mosaic sculpture in downtown and it gave her a unique idea. She wanted to give the homeless ,,, Read more

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