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On The Beauty Of Decay

Ever since its transformation from industrial wasteland to vacation destination, the Scenic City has been preoccupied with beauty. Much of the art made here reflects that, but none accomplishes it quite like the work of Theda McPeek.



In this day and age of smartphones with incredibly high res cameras, many of us think we qualify as photographers when our greatest achievement is taking selfies and photos of our brunch. Sure, that photo of your eggs benedict is nice, but truly ... more

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Renegade is defined as “A person who deserts and betrays an organization or set of principles.” But Renegade Silver Jewelry did not get its name being owned by rebel emerging entrepreneurs. “We were sitting around trying to think of a name that ... more


Ever heard of bar hopping? You know, when you go out with your friends and jump from one bar to another throughout the night? Yeah? Imagine that with museums. If you’re a museum junkie, you’ll definitely want to participate in the Second Annual ... more

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Beloved Chattanooga artist Terry Cannon is back in action after a hiatus, and has set up his new studio two doors down from the old Loose Cannon event space. The studio is open to the public by appointment, and will be hosting a series of art & ... more


Picture the artist in the wild: eyes wild on the prowl for inspiration, waiting for the light to filter through the leaves just right as they mix the perfect green for their surroundings. Now picture the artist in their natural habitat, the ... more

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