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An American Christmas

It’s a chilly Christmas Eve in Washington D.C. circa 1864. The Civil War rages on, and there’s a deep unrest in what has become a very divided nation. It seems as if there’s almost nothing that can bring the country together. However, Christmas ...



There are quite a few Christmas movies that I’ve seen one too many times: A Christmas Story, Elf, Die Hard. But one I can never see enough is A Christmas Carol. Maybe it’s because there are so many film versions (I’ve always been particularly ... more

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Local painter/illustrator LaDarrell Ransom is bringing a post-apocalyptic world from the fringe to Chattanooga, with a series of installations and immersive Wasteland experiences. Like many artists, Ransom started drawing comics in elementary ... more


Reflections Gallery never ceases to put forth amazing artists. Local, regional, new and well-known, their “All Artist” Open House this Thursday will surely be an event not to be missed. Showcasing over seventeen artists starting at 4 p.m. ... more

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When you first meet Ryan Cooper Carl, you know you’re in for an interesting conversation. “I painted that mural,” he gestures. He is referring to the massive, trippy, pork-themed work that greets you on the main wall of Moe’s Original Barbecue on ... more


The community of Chattanooga is diverse and popping with culture. That’s why it’s important to get out of your comfort zone, and why I am here to tell you if you care about this city and the people who live in it, you should come down to the ... more

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