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Dazzling Works Of American Impressionism

American Impressionism is alive and well in Chattanooga. Award-winning artist Tori Parrish captures scenes with quick, energetic brushstrokes, translating and encoding moments of her life into dynamic oil paintings ...

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A celebration is in order for The Association of Visual Arts, because this month marks 30 years they’ve been dedicated to inspiration and art. An extension of last month’s “The Art of Fashion” exhibition at AVA is coming to Moxy Chattanooga on ... Read more

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A single glance is enough to get caught and immersed in the abstract environments created by local mixed media artist Caitlin Dickens. These gorgeous paintings offer hints and clues of landscapes, providing just enough suggestion of the natural ... Read more


Warning! The following information is not for the faint of heart and could lead to death by laughing. This Thursday, Chattanooga will be subject to some hilariously dark humor, and no one is safe. The pop-up show, Dark Humor: Revelations Dark ... Read more

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This Thursday evening will be a hive of activity when supporters of FACES: The National Craniofacial Association come together to eat, drink, play, and make a difference at the 50 Years of FACES charity fundraiser. The evening will be filled with ... Read more


The Association for Visual Arts (AVA) immerses visitors in the wonders of artistic talent, and this Friday evening will be no different as they host the “Art of Fashion” opening reception to showcase fashion as an art form at their gallery on ... Read more

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