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Few local artworks are as poignant as the newest series of otherworldly drawings and paintings that are being produced by Chattanooga artist Zena Gottholm. Many of these dreamlike compositions depict a cast of psychedelic characters interacting ...



Do you want an all-day party of art, food, drink, creative activities, and water balloon fights? Do you want to hoot with the night owls and get down on some electronic vibes and do all this for a great cause? This Friday, Stone Cup Café brings ... more

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Domestic violence victims and those who live on the street may not evoke thoughts of fine visual art but one Clarksville transplant hopes to use the medium of painting to help them tell the story of one of Chattanooga’s most vulnerable populations. more


There is so much to anticipate heading into the month of October, and I’m here to tell you that the list of things to look forward to keeps getting bigger. A lot, and I mean a lot, of art galleries are opening to start off the autumn season on ... more

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A remarkable series of new works is being produced by Chattanooga Workspace artist Hollie Berry. A pioneer in the process of torch painting, she has developed a unique method of capturing a high degree of realism with fire and wood. more


I don’t know if you’ve ever blown into a conch shell, but from my experience, it sounds like something between a moan and blench. While the actual shell is beautiful and glassy-smooth, the difficulty of creating a beautiful sound is tedious. more

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