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Going Green With Sustainable Living

Sustaining our environment’s resources is something we should all be interested in, not tomorrow or next week, but now. Whether that’s doing your part by recycling, adding solar panels to your home, or shrinking your carbon footprint, our earth ...



When Encore Consignment opened in Riverview over 20 years ago, owner Sherry Shipley Gravitt was just trying to bring a little more style to Chattanooga as she noticed the lack of upscale consignment stores in Chattanooga after returning to her ... more

Business Briefs

It’s unfortunate for adults that we spend the majority of our lives at work. Whether you like your job or not, work is work and coming home from a long day to a warm, inviting homestead is something we all strive for. more

Business Briefs

Cempa Community Care (formerly known as Chattanooga Cares) has been aiding our community for thirty-two years with constant outreach and education. Chattanooga is fortunate to have an organization dedicated to the education, prevention, and ... more

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, you’ll have surely noticed the rise in shops selling and specializing in CBD oil. Whether you’ve heard of it, know what it does, or know someone it has helped, understanding just ... more

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Chattanooga’s love of beer never seems to stop growing. From the outstanding selection of local brews to the wide array of places around town to kick back with a cold one, we’re a city that knows good beer. But one place has them beat, serving an ... more

Business Briefs

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