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Fine Fashion On The North Shore

MILK Boutique owner Starr Card has an eye for fashion, something that’s evident the moment I meet her. Dressed in a luxurious, yet simply tasteful white, knee-length cashmere vest she’s belted into a dress over black leggings and knee-high black ...

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A  staple in the Chattanooga community for 32 years, Cempa Community Care (formerly known as Chattanooga CARES) started as an education organization founded by five members of the community that worked or volunteered for hospice and saw the ... Read more

Business Briefs

As an adult, long hard days, strenuous workloads and busy lifestyles can bog us down, weaken our good attitudes and thankfulness for another day. Sometimes it’s hard to be positive, to feel grateful for x, y and z, but if there is one thing ... Read more

Business Briefs

If there’s one being for whom my love (and my budget) knows no bounds, it’s my dog, Hank. That quirky, attention-loving little noodle is the love of our lives; he’s the light in the darkness after a bad day at work, and the exclamation point on ... Read more

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Long days of work sitting in the same position, lifting heavy objects, working our bodies to the limit, we’re all guilty of it. Sometimes it’s easy to push off pain, ignore a pinch, tell yourself you’ll deal with it later, but our bodies, while ... Read more

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Chattanooga is a vibrant and growing city that strives to be more inclusive of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and ideologies. With a focus on understanding and fostering diversity, Troy Johnson, LCSW, a psychotherapist with a private ... Read more

Business Briefs

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