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Evolving Fashion, Eternal Friendship

Walking through the door of Encore Consignment Boutique near the intersection of Tremont Street and Hixson Pike, I start smiling. Maybe it’s the Kate Spade bag dangling overhead, creamy pink in color with pops of hot apricot.

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For most of us, our wedding is the largest event we will ever host. It’s a day that brides-to-be have planned and envisioned since childhood (we won’t even talk about that secret Pinterest board you’ve been curating for years). Now you’ve found ... Read more

Business Briefs

With the spring season upon us, it is the ideal time to tend to your garden and a water feature should totally be a part of it. Locally owned and operated, AquaNooga has all the aquatic amenities needed to heighten your H20 experience. Read more

Business Briefs

Imagine gliding across the stage in a series of bourrées—steps so small you appear to be in motion while standing still. You look like you’re not quite touching the surface. Sure, you say to yourself—if I was ten (or fifty) years younger, ten (or ... Read more

Business Briefs

When I go into I Go Tokyo to talk with owner Margaret Armour, the Japanese inspired boutique on the North Shore is bustling. As I examine the merchandise, I listen to the conversation at the sales desk. “I’m so glad you’re getting those,” Margaret... Read more

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After thirty-two years in business on Lee Highway, Reflections Gallery, a locally owned and operated longstanding fixture in Chattanooga’s art scene, has decided to dig up its roots and replant itself in the heart of Chattanooga’s blooming ... Read more

Business Briefs

Ashley Ewald, program manager for STEP TN (Syringe Trade and Education Program), Cempa Community Care’s harm reduction program, works with people in difficult circumstances, yet as I speak with her, she’s celebrating her job. Often, as she ... Read more

Business Briefs

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