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Future Shaped By Our Choices Now

If you expected a tropical disease epidemic to hit your community, what options would you have? If you saw the Southeastern US forest ecosystem weaken with loss of fragile plant and animal species, would you want to stop it and if so, how?

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Rethinking TVA's Energy Future

Comfort-seeking humans have cleverly figured out how to use indirect solar energy sources. Grown men (women, too) throw hissy fits if the power goes off or the price of gas causes any inconvenience. more »

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The Art of Wild Love

In fact, for most species, there is innate sexual desire. Romantic courting and love seem optional to many, but the merging of DNA and genes is necessary for any species to continue to exist. That drive is strong. more »

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Green Goals for 2013

Because all life on Earth depends on a suitable habitat and a healthy ecosystem, what can be done to guarantee sustainability now and in the future? more »

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Green Reason for the Holiday Season

In Scandinavia, the Feast of Juul was observed in honor of the god Thor. Fires were lit to symbolize the warmth of the returning sun. Ancient Incas honored the sun god with a special festival during winter solstice. more »

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Earth-Friendly Holidays

Further, separating wants from needs will help save the Earth. How badly does one need an indoor flameless marshmallow roaster for $69.95, heated outdoor cat bowls ($49.95), or an automatic flameless LED candle ($39.95) from Hammacher Schlemmer? more »

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