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Haney Assists “Zombie” Reactors

Let’s get this straight: Nuclear is not an answer! In the 21st century we are moving on to renewable energy for electricity generation. Coal, gas and nuclear are going the way of buggy whips. We didn’t run out of rocks either, but the Rock Age is ...



During this time of environmental assaults emanating from Washington, DC, what is a concerned person to do? We can make a lot of noise with petition signing, marches, and visiting legislators. Those actions all help. After all, EPA head Scott ... more

Shades of Green

There must be a mole in the Walker County Government lower echelons. How else could the word have leaked out that Pilgrim’s Pride wants to build a chicken processing plant in McLemore Cove? Walker County officials say they can neither confirm nor ... more

Shades of Green

Sit down. Look around. See any plastic? Of course you do. Your computer keyboard, water bottles, cups, plates, take-out containers, medicine bottles, grocery bags, furniture laminates, Styrofoam packing, shower curtains, disposable diapers, food ... more

Shades of Green

Well, the recent cold temperatures might have fool ed you, but the dogwoods and redbuds are blooming so it must be spring. The bright green of new tree leaves gives hope for life ongoing as many humans before us have noted with ceremony. more

Shades of Green

How will energy usage change in the next 20 years in the Tennessee Valley? Good question. It’s one that Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is asking the public as it puts together its 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). more

Shades of Green

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