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Tennessee Aquarium Hits Milestone In Brook Trout Restoration Program

Shell Creek is pretty much a picture-perfect Appalachian mountain stream. From headwaters within a stone’s throw of the Tennessee-North Carolina border, it descends through the Cherokee ...

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The United States has a wildlife trafficking crisis closer to home than most people realize: native turtles are disappearing from lands and waters and ending up in the hands of poachers across the country. For those who are witnessing this crisis ... Read more

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Environmentally speaking it’s hard to know what to write about in this column. There’s the election. There’s the tornado destruction in the Nashville and Putnam County areas. There’s the coronovirus threat now here in Tennessee. There’s extra ... Read more

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Well, it’s finally beginning! BlackRock, a firm with about $6.9 trillion in assets, now asserts that sustainability will be a key factor in their future investment strategies. The CEO announced the company will prioritize the climate crisis for ... Read more

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It’s 2020! From an environmental perspective, 2019 was pretty lousy what with all the federal cutbacks in environmental regulations and backward steps regarding energy and climate change. Fortunately, many established businesses and industries ... Read more

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“The Earth has a pulse, and so do we.” Those were the words of author Terry Tempest Williams during the annual Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California. She described research findings at Castleton Tower in Utah. Scientists placed ... Read more

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Climate change has caused shifting of autumnal colors brought to you by trees. It used to happen in October, but now it’s November. Remember the discontinued October Color Cruise? This year November instead marks the peak for local fall foliage. Read more

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