Dining Out

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St. Elmo’s The Tap House Welcomes Empyreal Brewing

Two years ago, before the pandemic hit, The Tap House was a chill spot in St. Elmo where you could enjoy a great brew or a cup of coffee, read a newspaper and watch the world go by. Now, post-pandemic ...

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Almost a year to the day ago, I spoke with Kane Weathers, general manager of Mike’s Tavern at the corner of 153 and Hamill Road. Business was flourishing. We talked about the delicious food and cold beer. We discussed the famous Sunday brunches ... Read more

Dining Out

It’s a breezy September Saturday. After a fern-filled hike on Lookout Mountain, you’re strolling through St. Elmo with your main squeeze. She’s keen on an espresso to perk her back up, while you’re all ... Read more

Dining Out

There exists a cool, eclectic café decorated with strange and eclectic things. It has a menu that evolves like a familiar song through space and time. It’s a place well hidden in plain sight; kept almost entirely secret because of its wholesome ... Read more

Dining Out

You’re in Hixson. And you’re ready for a break—maybe a pit stop after a Christmas shopping trip, or a beer (or several) after work. Maybe you just finished raking leaves on a crisp Sunday morning and a sipping a Bloody Mary seems like the next ... Read more

Dining Out

Lupi’s Broad Street location is closed on Monday when I stop by for a visit. I’m about to tap on the door when a big guy carrying a trash bag barrels out. “Dorris?” he says, when I ask for Dorris Shober, owner of Lupi’s Pizza Pies. “She’s here.” Read more

Dining Out

The geniuses behind London Calling have a new idea, and it’s called LUAU. Remember Passageways 2.0? Remember the glittering triangles that canopy the Cherry Street entrance to Cooper’s Alley? If you follow that shining passage back to the alley ... Read more

Dining Out

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