Dining Out

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Scooter’s Coffee Arrives In The Scenic City

You can never get too much good coffee. That’s especially true when the weather turns cool and your chilly fingers long to cradle a sweet, warm beverage. Luckily, Coffee Roots TN LLC has opened two Scooter’s Coffee locations in Chattanooga ...

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The name may hint at the number two, but whether you’re looking for tasty food, a great job or a good neighbor, DosBros Fresh Mexican Grill on Shallowford Road behind Embassy Suites is No. 1. Owner Ciera McDonald has kept the business running ... Read more

Dining Out

That’s what the sign on the board behind the register reads at Haven’s Diner, across from AutoZone on Highway 58. And they’re right. At Haven’s, you can have home cooking like your grandmother made — without spending all afternoon in a hot ... Read more

Dining Out

“Every day is mimosa day,” says Chris Coke, general manager of Ruby Sunshine Chattanooga. “Most people think about brunch as Saturday and Sunday mornings, early afternoons. Here, we do brunch every single day. You can get off work, walk in the ... Read more

Dining Out

Time flies when you’re having fun. When Tay Cochran, owner of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s on Snow Hill Road in Ooltewah, first opened his establishment, it was just shy of 13 years ago. One thing he loved was how ... Read more

Dining Out

Two years ago, before the pandemic hit, The Tap House was a chill spot in St. Elmo where you could enjoy a great brew or a cup of coffee, read a newspaper and watch the world go by. Now, post-pandemic ... Read more

Dining Out

Serendipity. That’s when something wonderful happens by chance. Then there’s synchronicity — when things come together in an eerie way. Put together the serendipity and synchronicity around The Big 9 Street Food, and you’ll conclude this new ... Read more

Dining Out

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