Bessie Strutted Down MLK, Just Like Me



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Tough crowd


Wow more than 11 years ago

Where were you when the lights went out?

The Impressions, Samuel L. Jackson and Usher...and Ishmael Reed, poet, essayist, and novelist, probably someone who has escaped your attention since he has frequently challenged the status quo, whereas this column seems to endorse regimented thinking. Anti-gentrification? Give me a break. I'll bet most of your readers wish they "occupied" a condo or converted loft space in the re-claimed Southside. Where do YOU live, Chuck? Ever hear of Norman Mailer's "The White Negro?" No? Glad you got your money's worth in college! Well, this column represents a deviation of Mailer's treatise. The White, Southern MIddle-Aged Hipster. Appropriate black culture when convenient and reject it when uncomfortable. Good luck, pal. You'll need it!

more than 11 years ago

Oh Myopia, how fore art thou?

This is the most ridiculous, self-serving column you've written yet, Chuck. So you don't want "them" to have a presence in your lovely, "Disneyland downtown," but you take exception to the "city" protecting you from the very same "flies" you seem to deride every few issues. So you, an active participant in the gentrification process at work in Chattanooga, don't seem to see the irony in your own statements in this column? Wow. Is there no editor at the Pulse? And Brewer Media owns this magazine and ostensibly supports your opinions and doesn't see any conflict in also owning WJTT Power 94? You guys better perfect your pimp walk for the next Power 94 staff meeting and then run home and change into your urban hipsters threads to before hitting up Track 29.

more than 11 years ago

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