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Be Prepared

Heed Mr. Teach ' s sage advice . People who make no effort to properly prepare for any situation that occurs are not only dumb , but irresponsible . You may be able to stagger through life without being targeted as a victim , or being in a bad accident , even being in a burning house . You may . But I doubt it . people dont want to hear that protection for themselves and that of their family rests solely on their own shoulders .

Rick Cook more than 11 years ago

Gun laws

I agree if they take guns away from the public the only people other than police who would have guns is CRIMINALS that would make alot of people very nervous and very dead. How many people are saved each day because they had a gun, how many criminals do you think second guess themselves because they think granny has a handgun in her purse. I can say this realistically because i have been a criminal, i have done prison time. The japanese didn't invade the us in ww2 because everyone had a gun. Why would they do this other than to further subjugate the rest of society. I know they are not doing this out of ignorance. Then why?

Nikolas Otvos more than 11 years ago

Foolish kneejerk...

"making it harder to get guns in the hands of law abiding citizens that could STOP people like Holmes"

Yeah, right. Dark theatre, tear gas, fully armored gunman. If you started shooting, there's a good chance someone would jump you, thinking you were another killer.

Arming everyone means road rage with guns, just as it was in Miami during the cocaine wars.

Drunks with guns. That's your solution?

Ormond Otvos more than 11 years ago

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