Crime Culprit: Cops



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You're right, Danny.

It would obviously help then if I said I WAS racist? Or were you, like "Tracy", just creating your own facts to validate your baffling supposition? You're always the clever one, Big Dan. How does such wisdom befall one that is only known for attending college and bagging groceries? You're a prodigy. Still beating up women these days?
Or do you find foolish suppositions such as that as comical as I?
Challenge me, Danny. Challenge YOURSELF.

Alex Teach more than 10 years ago

on being defensive

If you feel the need to say you aren't racist 40 times in one article, you probably are.

Danny Freeman more than 10 years ago

Crime Culprits Cops

This is why I will walk to the newstand in the cold to a copy of the Pulse. The News Free Press is missing out, not grabbing Alex Teach. You put it in just plain terms. And that is the way it was.
Thank you.

Melinda Davis Penney more than 10 years ago

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