No Good Deed Goes Unpunished



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Obviously racist magazine

That final comment stating that Officer Teach "spends his spare time volunteering for the Boehm Birth Defects Center" shows that the editor of this magazine believes that "black and brown lives matter less than white lives." Obviously, this is a racist publication.

Okay, back to seriousness (those not recognizing the sarcasm in my previous statements should look for a class entitled "Sarcasm Recognition 101"). The last time I checked, all of the law enforcement officers (LEO's) I have met were human beings. Now, in my experience, human beings tend to fall into three categories: consistently good, well-meaning people; consistently evil, ill-intentioned people; and the bulk of humanity which s generally good, but occasionally does bad things, and may turn a blind eye to the evil others do.

Not surprisingly, LEO's, being human, tend to also fall into these same categories. Some of them are the kind of people who always try to do the right thing, even when under pressure to do wrong. Some are the kind of people who do something evil whenever they get the chance. And then there are a whole lot of them who spend the majority of their time doing what is right, but who may, if provoked enough, or put under peer pressure, may behave badly.

Are the last group part of the problem of the bad LEO's getting away with what they do? Absolutely. Their reflex, like it is for most of us, is to defend their friends. But the LEO's who are out doing good deeds SHOULD be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Just as those committing acts of needless brutality SHOULD be called out and punished for their actions. It is not racist to show both sides.

In fact, I believe that the reality is that two things must occur at the same time for us to truly win as a society. LEO's need to reach out into the community of "black and brown people", and build a new history of assisting and going above and beyond to have as many positive interactions and as few negative interactions as possible. At the same time, the community needs to learn that most LEO's really are the good guys. A new paradigm must be built where anything less will not be tolerated, and where as much attention is given to the good as to the bad. Yes, there is a lot of distrust to be overcome, but the positive attention for LEO community service is a tool, not an impediment, to overcoming the problem.

Carl Allen more than 8 years ago

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