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Officer Teach,

I certainly affirm the right of anyone to defend themselves and recognize the difficult and dangerous situations that police officers find themselves in. I would point out that these situations were created by activities (drugs/gambling) being illegal. It is their ccriminal designation that put them in the black market attracting the worst elements and making them targets for violence/robbery. The fact that dealing drugs is illegal makes it an almost exclusively cash business. also, if a drug dealer is robbed does he call the police? Typically not. I have respect for the police and military for the sacrifice, hard work and spirit of their service. That being said, they are enforcers of policy written by politicians for whom i have no respect. I believe the less the government tries to control it's population the less danger/confrontation officers and citizens will find themselves in.

Jimmy more than 11 years ago

Poker shooting

OK, so a bunch of wanna be military cops dressed in their para-military ninja outfits breakdown a door where some people are playing poker that have been robbed before. Gee, so the cops yell "Police" and of course no one else but police could yell that. Now as they try to escape someone says they are police and of it is dark and your eyes are adjusted to light so you can't see that well. Now you pull your gun in self defense, and get shot by the police and it is your fault. What a one sided case for the cops. At least we have that dangerous poker game gang shutdown. The streets are safe again because of the cops taking down the bad guys. Now how about the killings and shootings continuing to be done by the gangs that you now admit are here? I guess they are harder to take down than the mighty poker gang. I will sleep better tonight just knowing that the cops are ever vigilant for errant poker players. Wow, what brave young men! How about taking on the real gangs next time.

37343pp more than 11 years ago

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