The Courts, Cops, and You



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Like the way you think (and write) A. D. Teach. Please write a book...Soon. Then the Pulse will not be your only outlet.

Felix G Miller more than 11 years ago


I am glad to see your words among the new formatting. It will be a sad day if The Pulse chooses to remove it. So many other publications contain rantings, ravings, and spewings that are utter bs just because the 1st amendment (which you personally serve and protect) allows them to do so. Yet, you sir, provide diatribes of truth that attempt to give the ignorant masses a freakin clue. The Pulse should not be considering whether to oust you, but should be looking for national distribution of your missives, or at least front page. The information provided is enough to sicken any normal human reading this, and should invoke an out pouring of responses of people seeking a change. These criminals should not be patted on the hand, felt sorry for, coddled, and then sent back out to do it again. THEY SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND THE HARM THEY HAVE CAUSED TO SOCIETY AND THE ADDITIONAL VICTIMS (children and family).
God Bless you for having the cojones to say this is wrong, and not shrug it off as just an injustice and negative part of the job. God bless you for still caring about the world you live in, you serve, and you protect.

M. more than 11 years ago

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