Trayvon Martin? What About Keoshia Ford?

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Alex Teach

If you have the facts present them. I am so sick of damn white people telling me what justice and equality is.

Maxine Cousin more than 10 years ago

To Alex Teach part deux

Fantastic write up and you sir, hit the nail on the head. I appreciate someone actually writing an article once some facts have come in and have been judiciously weighed instead of just spouting off in support of a political agenda. Unlike the poster above me here whose main objective is to cause more racial division and animosity in the name of equality and diversity, I applaud you for the article. It really makes you more credible, Maxine, when you curse your opponent and try to be little them in a public forum (insert sarcasm). The root of the problem with society lies with in all of us. We need to look inward to fix it. We have to be willing to see that maybe we are the problem. This is pertinent whether you be White, Black, Hispanic or Asian. We need to not point fingers at everyone else but ourselves and accept that maybe we are what needs fixing. Spewing hate and division only hinders our plight for true equality as a nation. I served in the Military with people of many different races. To me we were all the same color, we're Americans and we were willing to die for each other. We would do what was necessary for your brother next to you, no matter his color. It's sad and unfortunate but, these days people are looking for retribution and revenge more than anything else.

Caxine Mousin more than 10 years ago

Really hon?

So it WASN'T investigated by the FBI (who is actually this WHOLE other agency)? Re-investigated? Re-opened?
You and I have the same information, same facts from that night. You're the one making all the assumptions and dictating who knows what they're talking about though. Interesting.

Alex Teach more than 10 years ago

To Alex Teach

This case was not handled locally--at least not according to the evidence. The state did not oversee this case. Stop telling your damn lies just to protect the Police department. What the hell is the "other half of the story" since you are so clairvoyent.

You don't know what the hell you are talking about.
Koiesha Ford is a tragic case. Just like the Wadie Suttles case, justi like the Trayvon Martin case. Anyone who dies violently is tragic. But to coverup the death--the way the local authorities did in the Wadie Suttles case--is even more tragic--it is criminal.

Maxine Cousin more than 10 years ago

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