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Speeaking of the Arizona S.W.A.T. incident. Mr. rdl , the dude pointed a gun at them before they fired any rounds. ENOUGH said!

JUST SOME DUDE more than 11 years ago


How about the SWAT team in Arizona that recently battered down a door of a USMC young veteran while his wife and child were there and fired over 70 rounds (hitting him with 20 something rounds) and killing him and he never fired a shot. I guess they needed all that firepower to carry out a warrant. Police sometimes do not use good judgement either.

rdl more than 11 years ago

To the Confused one

To the confused one. Touching on the UC Davis Officer who "Indiscrinatly used his pepper spray". Do your research before putting you two cents in! You saw a clip of about maybe a minute when the whole incident lasted for about 15 minuted AT LEAST. you can now see the whole incident on YouTube and see why this Officer used his spray. Check it out and get back to me! Type in UC DAVIS PEPPER SPRAY WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Just some Dude more than 11 years ago


Officer Teach, Maybe your department could bid out for sunshine, rainbows, and fuzzy kittens to keep on hand the next time bad men attack?
@confused- if we are to walk around worried that police or public safety personnel are constantly about to misuse the weapons, then we do not have freedom and should be too afraid to leave our homes. I will take my chances with the TRAINED AND PREPARED cops misusing the weapons, against not having them. This is far better in my eyes than having no one to stop the evil doers set on wreaking havoc and harming innocent people. I simply choose not to put myself in a position of which the police will find it necessary to use or misuse those weapons against me. As for the pepper spray incident at UC Davis and other occupy travesty, the 1st Amendment states:"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people PEACEABLY to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
It does not say: you may interrupt meetings, you may cause a disruption and disturb the peace, you may camp out and make a public health and safety nuisance, you may disobey the laws meant to create and maintain and civilized society.
When someone questions the right and the ability for police to be properly equipped and trained, when the police are responsible for the safety and security of the citizens, damn right they get angry.
Would you expect a doctor to save lives without the tools of their trade? or by use of lesser tools than needed? Police officers save lives, too. And sometimes the mere threat of equal or better force is enough to deter would be criminals.

A. Teach For President more than 11 years ago


I may be coming late to this topic or debate, with only the context of the reprinted email inquiry and Officer Teach's response, but I'm confused by his comments and the apparent vitriol aimed at those who emailed the question.

Is it not true that assault weapons are designed to kill? Is it not true that the military version of the semi-automatic AR15 is called the "M16"?

It is important that our police and military defenders be adequately provisioned to do their job, and if high powered assault weapons are a part of that mix, for use in dealing with criminals in body armor or some similar situation, then such weapons should be considered.

The flip side is that weapons can be mis-used, even in the hands of police or other public safety personnel. Witness the indiscriminate use of pepper spray by the campus police at UC Davis. It seems reasonable to this observer that the Chattanooga public has the right and the responsibility to ask questions of their elected officials and police departments.

Officer Teach - Chattanoogans appreciate your service and your opinion. But your words seem very angry, and if you are only responding to the email from Chattanooga Organized for Action, that anger seems misplaced.

confused? more than 11 years ago

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