EPB's Quantum Network Project Adds Their First Customer For Quantum Collaboration

EPB Quantum Network powered by Qubitekk today announced that it will host Qunnect, a leader in quantum-secure networking technology, for a series of on-site collaborative validation runs. Qunnect will ...

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COVID-19 may have shut down portions of the economy and put restrictions on Americans’ daily lives, but cyber scams and other efforts to defraud people continue to thrive. “Scammers are tapping ... Read more

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Learning at home using technology has been a challenge for schools and families as everyone adapts to operating in a new learning arrangement during the pandemic. At East Side Elementary School ... Read more

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ChaTech, the Chattanooga Technology Council, announces the first annual Technology Excellence Awards (TechX). The inaugural TechX Awards will recognize regional companies for outstanding ... Read more

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With the coronavirus outbreak forcing many people to work from home, taking computer security measures to protect both themselves and their company has grown even more important. Video conferencing, for one example ... Read more

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“Okay, everyone, take your seats …now, today is the 50th anniversary of the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. So, I thought we’d use today’s class to discuss the Pandemic of 2020, the lessons that were learned, and how it relates to today’s ... Read more

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Long-time readers know that space news is my favorite kind of news. Well, it’s been a fairly crazy month for space-related news so rather than pick just one story, here are three of the biggest: Read more

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