The Price of Fame



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What a column!

The seven of us that read this column are are sharing a barrel full of chuckles after reading this one, Chuck.
That was a hoot to read. A real hoot.

Patrick Davis more than 11 years ago

Chuck Crowder

Well,you're stating the obvious for some, and the ones who don't "catch your drift" will simply not "get it" much as one might feel an affinity for an entertainer, and as nice, or pragmatic, as some entertainers may be about accommodating their fans, I've always shown my respect by NOT approaching, or appearing to gawk, whenever a random encounter with celebrity occurs.
I saw Ron White on the street, outside a club downtown, with his lady friend. I like Rons humor, seems like a friendly enough guy,and I was tempted to take about 3 steps to just say "I enjoy your work", but thought "Jesus! Let the guy enjoy his buzz, and his lady friend, without yet another stranger hassling him, even if it's positive and brief".
I often see Chuck around town, and I show him the same courtesy...though I suspect he is not QUITE as "imposed upon" as Harrison Ford. Chattanooga is a hick town, always has been, probably will be for another century or could draw a good crowd with a five-legged sheep here...or ANY celebrity.
That said, if it thrills someone to grab a tiny piece of immortality (3rd from the left, top bleacher, red ball cap), I'm not gonna rain on their parade. It's not hurting anyone,besides possibly an after-hours annoyance for Mr. Ford...but he's well-compensated, and into each life, a little rain must fall. Even Chucks! lol

David Gray more than 11 years ago

harrison and the hotel

I didn't know there was a lobby at the Cherokee Motel!

mark hopkins more than 11 years ago

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