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Just a few comments to clear the air regarding the nonsense Lasker was getting from Sally Anderson, an outsourced "Maximus spokesperson", ... whatever that is.

Maximus does in fact use unskilled temporary workers from Randstad. The turnover rate in Shelby County is extremely high and a worker is rarely on board long enough to really master the job responsibilities.

Maximus was to "staff up" to approximately 200 staff in Memphis. The highest headcount was about 170 inearly 2010. They were losing money hand over fist at that staffing level and are now down to around 100.

There are about 20 Maximus staff in Memphis, the remainder are Randstad temporaries. In fact, excepting the 13 staff attorneys at the Shelby location, the entire Maximus staff has turned over, excepting one operations manager. One of the casualties was the Project Director in Shelby County who is now the Assistant Human Services Commissioner in charge of child support enforcement. He left a $147K job with Maximus for a $108K job with Tennessee. He's lucky he got that as he was cut loose. As I said, there is but one Maximus staff left in place from when the contract began.

In case you're wondering, I know theis stuff because I worked there for a while as Maximus staff. ... Worst job, by far, I ever had.

They are unable to perform adequately at that staffing level and have been unable to meet the contract's performance standards from day 1 of the contract.

Despite what Ms. Anderson mumbled about the Shelby County contract being "turned over" to Maximus. There was a competitive bid on that contract wit 4 bidders, including the vendor who currently held the contract. Maximus won the bid.

It is my understanding that there are currently 5 - 6 full time State employees stationed at the Shelby County offices because Maximus is doindg such a lousy job.

I believe the fact that Maximus would not respond to any of your questions regarding staffing is answer enough.

Maximus bids many of their contracts too low and cannot adequately staff them to meet performance standards.

The contracts are public information, as well as the monthly performance standard reports produced by the State. You can look for yourself at the contract situations in Tennessee and will scratch your heads as to why Maximus is still on the Shelby contract.

Personally, I would believe nothing Anderson says after vetting some of her inaccurate comments to you.

I'm late to the party, ... but better late than never to set the record straight.

Lazarus Jones more than 10 years ago

Shelby County Child Support

I agree that Maximus is a huge joke. You can call this agency and speak with an operator and quite quickly realize that they are incompetent. I have just gave up with the whole system. The Shelby County courts are worthless and a big waste of time. Unfortunately, there is a large indigent population here who do not realize how underserved they are by not only the Juvenile court system and this agency. The reason why Maximus is still on the Shelby contract-and will remain forever on the contract and this agency-maybe under different names but affiliated with the same bank issuing the ATM cards will run every governmental pay out agency in America. That is humm....J. P. Chase Morgan. Wake up-when government gets involved in your life you are going to get ripped off. The real interest is is to steal money from The People. Distributing government benefits is a lucrative industry. What a circle jerk system....I have accepted that the courts and states are NOT INTERESTED IN THE PEOPLE BUT IN THEIR POCKETS My advice...DO NOT INVITE ANYMORE GOVERNMENT INTO YOUR LIFE!

Carle more than 8 years ago


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