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Gun Barrel Road

I’d like to know how Gun Barrel Road acquired its name. Thank you.

J Yancey more than 1 year ago

Holtzclaw Avenue

I'd love to know the history of Holtzclaw Avenue. (My grandmother was a Holtzclaw.) Incidentally, I'm also related to Crutchfields (the author's last name.)

Jamie V more than 6 years ago

Holtzclaw Avenue

Who named Holtzclaw Avenue? I am Helen Holtzclaw.

Sherrie Smith more than 3 years ago

Three Notch RD

Three Notch Rd passes along Peavine Ridge that has three Gaps in the ridge. Mt. Pisgah Rd. Poplar Springs Rd. and Boynton Drive go through those gaps (or notches) in the ridge. That is also part of the way naming was accomplished. All other roads go over the ridge.

Phil Potts more than 8 years ago

Street Named after a Living Person

I am so glad that naming a street after a living person was not an issue when my Dad, Jim Armstrong, was a developer. Janeview Drive was named for me in 1964 when I was 12 years old and Mark Lane was named for my brother when he was 9 years old. Of course, back then we lived in Tyner, TN long before it was in the City!

Jane Armstrong more than 8 years ago


You referenced the "Hamilton County GIS Department". What does GIS stand for?

Susan Clark more than 8 years ago


It stands for "Geographic Information Systems". If you are curious to know more about what they do, they have a website at

Gary Poole more than 8 years ago


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