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IRS & TurboTax

Since the IRS has to do the work anyway, let 'em do it in advance to be approved or corrected by taxpayers.

But once they're doing it, yeah, they might want to crowd out competitors: IRS agents are just as human as TurboTax workers, just as greedy, perhaps even a bit more power-hungry on average just in the nature of things.

Prove it? The IRS wanted to force mom-and-pop tax preparers to get IRS approval--and this was just fine with H&R Block (???and TurboTax???)--big companies cronying up with big government, like Tennessee-American Water Company having a monopoly on water supply in a river town surrounded by other water districts, instead of allowing competition.

So every law, every ad and every form had better make clear that competing with the IRS is legal and always will be.

Can we trust D.C. about this? No, but I'd hate to clutter the Constitution with an amendment guaranteeing this right. I'd settle for an explicit law, referring to the existing guarantees of freedom of association to petition for redress of grievances, freedom of press (to create and print alternative tax worksheets), and freedom from slavery.

Wendy Dibble-Lohr more than 9 years ago


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