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“What Else Is Possible?”

As we navigate the myriad adjustments in life, we dig, often deeply, into our “Big Bag O’ Tools” to find and use the healthy coping mechanisms we’ve learned and developed along the way. In this conscious process, we are doing our best to avoid ...



By now, I believe most of you understand the strong connection between the body and mind. For instance, when you feel depressed emotionally, your body is more susceptible to getting ill. When you are anxious, you are out of the present moment ... more

Shrink Rap

There are many paths to wellness, and many ways to embark on those paths. I encourage people to go in the direction that feels right to them, and having the input or guidance of a professional to help discover that direction can be an invaluable ... more

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Happy June! It’s warming up out there, and we nature lovers are coming out of hibernation. The critters in my woods are also coming alive, frolicking unabashedly—a-hem!—and providing lots of opportunity for my dog, Lily Pad, to eagerly stand ... more

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This past Saturday was national “Pay It Forward” day. First of all, how cool that our “kindness consciousness” is at a national level! In times when the news is often particularly depressing and appalling, perhaps we need to focus on kindness ... more

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Over the years, regular Shrink-Rappers got to know my wonderful furry companion, Betty Lou, a truly delightful bundle of smart, goofy, entertaining energy. You may also know that, after being my faithful shadow for 14 years, Betty crossed the ... more

Shrink Rap

So here we are, just a few weeks past Valentine’s Day. Spring is knocking on the door, and if you’re feeling anything like the community of scampering squirrels in my woods, then you can probably relate to winter’s “cabin fever” becoming spring’s ... more

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