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The NOM Collective: Small Hands Doing Great Deeds

During the pandemic, we’ve all been getting our noms on…I mean, maybe a little too much? (I’m donating pants now that I can no longer button.) But this may be a case of “count your blessings,” because ...

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As the local brewing industry continues to expand in Tennessee, University of Tennessee Extension has produced a new resource to assist farmers and landowners who are considering growing hops. The publication includes more than 30 pages and was ... Read more


When the pandemic hit initially and people started to stockpile, grocery stores began to regulate the amount one could purchase of essentials like bread, milk and eggs. It did not even occur to some to visit a farmers market to acquire all that ... Read more

Food & Drink

With the ongoing situation around the country and the world, local restaurants had to close their doors for dine-in customers for a time. However, many still stayed open offering delivery, curbside pickup ... Read more

Food & Drink

Every year, it seems like there’s a new food fad that the public goes absolutely insane for. We’ve seen everything from bacon to kale to blueberries skyrocket in popularity, seemingly with no explanation. So for whatever reason, the past year ... Read more


The Hamilton County Health Department would like to insure that both local restaurants and consumers have the information they need to navigate safely the reopening of Hamilton County restaurants. Read more

Dining Out

It seems as though comfort food season will never end. Between storms, unending rain, and a steady stream of flus and colds, I’ve run through every comfort food dish on every handwritten index card in my precious, circa 1962, wooden recipe box ... Read more

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