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Plant-Based Food Versus Fake Meat

Four years ago this week, I witnessed something truly horrifying. I was in Phuket, Thailand for the annual Taoist Vegetarian Festival and had spent several cringe-filled days observing men and women participate in scenes of ritualized piercings ...

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Walking into the produce section of your favorite Asian market can be daunting and even a bit confusing. Unfamiliar fruits and vegetables with exotic-sounding names are usually surrounded by an even wider array of equally unfamiliar leafy greens ... Read more

Sushi & Biscuits

Lupi’s Broad Street location is closed on Monday when I stop by for a visit. I’m about to tap on the door when a big guy carrying a trash bag barrels out. “Dorris?” he says, when I ask for Dorris Shober, owner of Lupi’s Pizza Pies. “She’s here.” Read more

Dining Out

The rich history of whiskey in Chattanooga is even richer as Chattanooga Whiskey is proud to craft whiskey at two locations right here in town: their Experimental Distillery on Market Street across from the Choo Choo, and their Riverfront ... Read more

Drink Spotlight

For 14 years Taqueria Jalisco has provided authentic Mexican cuisine to the people of Chattanooga. The first 13 years of this restaurant’s life were spent using a food truck and small dining space. After years of hard work and patience, they ... Read more

Drink Spotlight

Nestled in the heart of downtown stands Bantam + Biddy. This family-friendly restaurant, while relatively new, has carved its place into the ranks of unique Chattanooga eateries. The self-proclaimed southern diner stands out from the pack with ... Read more

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