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Bartender, Make Mine Gezellig

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel a little bit. And one of the places that I inevitably end up visiting is Amsterdam. The reason for this is that it’s a lot like Atlanta when traveling in the States.

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Squeeze ’Em or Leave ’Em

Go order a Corona. Between you and that beer is the ever-present, never-requested wedge of lime. A limeless Corona is the unicorn nobody is looking for. more »

Aug 21, 2014 Mixology

An Evening of Home-Cooked Flavor-Tripping

I sat across from my dinner guests, hand outstretched and palm up, offering each of them a small red tablet. “Let it dissolve on your tongue before we begin,” I instructed. They each had a look of curious anticipation... more »

Aug 21, 2014 Sushi & Biscuits

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Celebrate with Champagne and sparkling wine. more »

Aug 14, 2014 Mixology

Fresh, Impressive, Out-of-the-Ordinary

The Kitchen at Union Square is well worth the finding. more »

Aug 14, 2014 Featured Dining

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