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Food For Body & Soul

I couldn’t believe myself when I left Uncle Larry’s Restaurant for the first time. How could a place so exquisitely delicious, welcoming, and comfortable have gone without me noticing for so long? I was pondering my meal as I strolled down the ...

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Everything you know about couscous is wrong. Well, maybe not absolutely everything, but I think it’s safe to say that if your only exposure to couscous is dumping a box of white mystery-beads and a flavor packet into boiling water—most of what you... Read more

Sushi & Biscuits

“I’m going to win, it’s not a big deal,” says Chef Jeremy Auspitz. He’s been prepping to go up against some of Chattanooga’s best chefs at Chattanooga Market’s FiveStar Food Fight. He’s somewhere between nervous, ecstatic, and totally Zen about ... Read more

Between The Bridges

For several years, there has been a theory circulating around the dark corners of the internet that threatens to upend everything we know about the most iconic of all American foods—the hamburger. According to this theory the hamburger didn’t ... Read more

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Food halls, communal “shared” kitchens, and co-op food programs are a common and expected fruition in larger cities around the country and the world. While it’s commonplace in New York or Singapore to visit a storefront with multiple businesses ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Anthony Bourdain contained a plethora of multi-tiered wisdom. He would often confront difficult issues head on with honesty and gumption. Other times, his words would surprise with simple perspective when we were expecting something complex and ... Read more

Between The Bridges

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