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Brews To Linger Over

In Chattanooga’s rapidly developing downtown, the only certainty is that something new will appear out of thin air seemingly every time you blink. The good thing, unlike in a lot of cities, is that many of these newcomers are really exciting and ...

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It’s no secret that I love chicken livers. My love for these little packets of earthy, rich deliciousness goes back to my childhood, where fried chicken livers made regular appearances at the dinner table and leftovers were unheard of. Read more

Sushi & Biscuits

Some chefs are drawn into the kitchen as a means of putting food onto their own tables. The demand for cooks needed to appease society's insatiable appetite creates innumerable jobs, typically with low wages and long hours. Sometimes, these chefs ... Read more

Between The Bridges

I was six years old when I had my first taste of Tennessee Whiskey. I had wandered into the garage while my father worked in the backyard. Sliding open a cabinet beneath his workbench, I discovered two bottles. I was old enough to recognize the ... Read more

Day Trippin'

This biting winter weather calls for strong drink. Porters and stouts are a good choice if they’re on tap, but if you really want to put fire in the belly, go for the strong stuff. The clear spirits, though, aren’t always quite right. And while a ... Read more


I am an unabashed street food enthusiast. The vast majority of my favorite flavors, dishes, and dining experiences came while standing on a busy sidewalk or precariously perched on a tiny plastic stool beside a well-worn street food cart. Imagine ... Read more

Sushi & Biscuits

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