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Back Porch Sippin’ Time

The Long Island Iced Tea is a drink with a controversial history. It has two competing origin stories, tracing it back in one case to the Long Island we all think of, in New York, and another to right here near home. The second Long Island is in ...

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We all hear it, a mantra that often reeks of elitism and pretension, yet lacks clarity and definition and most importantly, inclusion. What does it mean to “Eat Local” or to “Support Local Farmers”? What is the definition of local? In a tech ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Lying on orange, shag carpet, eating Baron von Redberry cereal and watching 1960’s Bugs Bunny cartoons is not the place you would expect to have a 40-year culinary mystery planted in your tiny, cartoon-watching head. Read more

Sushi & Biscuits

A properly prepared pizza pie is much more than just a way to fill the grumbling void in our stomachs. We fool ourselves as we stuff our faces and ignore the finer things, the very fuel that powers our bodies and our minds. Read more

Chow Spotlight

Wine. That word is plenty to comprise its own paragraph, article, book, or dissertation. For some people, the concept never exceeds a cardboard box on Friday evening; for others, it’s a life-long endeavor of passionate, intensive research and ... Read more

Between The Bridges

I’m all for a high-end dining experience where chefs push the culinary boundaries of possibility, transforming ingredients into nearly unrecognizable artisanal masterpieces of gastronomy. That’s great…once in a while. For the rest of the time, a ... Read more

Between The Bridges

I thought I knew what rice tasted like. White rice tasted like thousands of gummy, flavorless, starch blobs whose sole raison d’être was to soak up the flavor of whatever I mixed with it; and brown rice tasted like thousands of gummy papier-mâché ... Read more

Sushi & Biscuits

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Spring Drink 2019

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